Since avatars are now for everyone, what Patreon perk should replace it?


I second these suggestions.

Yuck, the quote feature is screwing up formatting.


Beer, preferably free.


As a Belgian, I wish there was a " I really like this" button. :)


How about a beret on our avatar? Or a plush tapir?

But seriously… I don’t think folks are owed anything. I was happy to throw a few bucks at a board that’s provided me so much entertainment for about 15 years now.


This is now possible – the Patreon plugin is installed, so forum.qt3 can offer a Patreon avatar flair, or a custom title.

Of course, it’s up to @tomchick to configure it and get the Patreon auth set up, and then decide what the Patreon perks look like overall.


Aw sweet:

Also @tomchick how can you hate avatars, look at how amazing Scotten’s avatar is. It’s fucking GREAT. As are everyone else’s avatars, except @stusser’s avatar. Which sucks.

Patreon and Q23 switching away from vBulletin

Some do line up better than others, but Scotten’s is in a class by itself. It’s the Doom marine fellating a Patreon logo!



This can only result in a civil war between patrons and non-patrons. By the looks of it, @tomchick will be on the opposing side.


Yeah, @tomchick, way to not publicly support @tomchick. Kind of a dick move, TBH.


huh? How does this work? Do I have to automate something to get the patreon avatar thingie attached?

edit: Eh - nevermind!


I’m guessing you match via email? @wumpus
Time to change email id in Discourse!


You dare use the old Patreon logo?! The powers-that-be of Patreon shall surely be wrathful.


I like the logo flair thing.


The flair is a nice solution for the patrons.


Actually the Patreon logo is fellating the Marine, just to be precise.


You are properly mortified by that, I see.


Patreon is clearly looking for a few good men.


Aleuria aurantia

My contribution to this site is irrational. 3.1415 before taxes. Now everyone knows and I don’t know how I feel.

Hee… thanks?


Oops, now I’m worried whether I’ve been using that word correctly. How embarrassing.



Well, I’m glad for this thread because it made me realize I hadn’t updated my expired credit card on my Patreon, Sorry for the couple of fallow months, @tomchick! The situation has been righted.

And right during the giveaway-palooza. Grrrr…