Since everyone hates Paris, but loves to post about her

Carl Jr’s Horrible Burger Ad

I don’t have a bit of a problem with Paris or her copious amounts of unwarranted fame/popularity/infamy, but this ad is just lame. Sure sex sells and I am not one to turn down celebrity soft-core porn, but I could have shot this one in a warehouse with a digital camera and a coupun for a free car rental and no other prep.

“Ummmm let’s see…grab that sponge and bucket. Freddy go get the hose and some Dawn liquid from the house and we’ll just do some car wash shots and see how that turns out.”

If she got some plastic surgery on that fucking man face, she’d be hot.

Nah, that’s not a man face. Jennifer Garner has a man face.

I agree with this whole heartedly. Jennifer Garner can look very manish.

I vote for Gina Gershon for most man face. But Sandra Bullock wins for the man hands.

Carrie-Anne Moss has a very manly face as well.

It’s all in the angles with Garner. I don’t think she really cares how she’s shot on film and in photographs. Almost everyone has a “bad side” than they try and hide or minimize. She just goes about her business.

I think Paris looks alright, she does a really good job always maintaining a model-like pose.

I saw a preview for an upcoming reality show where Paris’s mom (Mrs Hilton) teaches a dozen contenders how to be Hiltons. The emphasis was on “class” and snobbery. Seriously.

Given how Paris turned out (and, from what I can tell, the other sister, Nicky), I don’t know what the mother can possibly teach a kid.

Robb: Puh-LEEZE. As a member of QT3, it is absolutely essential that you completely despise Paris. After all, she has apparently violated the meritocracy and has become rich and famous regardless of her complete lack of any talent. Not that we’re all jealous of her success and slightly embittered that we (being the 99.9th percentile) have somehow been overlooked by the public eye as worthy icons of the American (or whatever) culture. Indeed, nor are we, as generally highly attractive and suave individuals, committing a pre-emptive rejection of Ms. Hilton. We find her to be horribly over-fit and terribly homely, what with her shapely figure, smooth skin, and disgusting non-obesity. Surely this can only stem from millions of dollars of plastic surgery and multiple eating disorders. Every single one of us, with the apparent exception of yourself, goes home to fuck a supermodel with thick ankles.

When are you going to stand up and join the crowd of people who hate Paris as she so clearly richly deserves? When will you see past her outside appearance and declare that she is ugly INSIDE? I mean, god forbid we have a good looking rich girl who isn’t afraid to have lots of sex and make movies of it, and who is able to parlay this talent into a modest portion of fame. Regardless, until that day, my friend, I am going to ask you to hand over your QT3 membership until such time as you join the collective and hate Paris for undeservedly being all that we are not.

Thank you, and good day.

Is there a special reason you call yourself Bitterman?

So, we’re not allowed to hate Paris, but you are allowed to hate us for hating her?

I don’t hate anyone except for certain political figures. I simply find nerdly passions amusing, especially when they are relatively unfounded and unexamined.

Have you seen the Paris BJ video? With a bit of practice, I’m sure she has the talent to make it in porn.

You’ll be singing a different tune when you’re watching the State of the Union Address of 2024 being delivered by President Paris Hilton-Coulter.

I don’t hate Paris, but I do fucking hate the mass media decision makers who on the one hand push underfed chicks at me and try to tell me that these poor malnourished gals with the figures of 10-year-old boys are the pinnacle of pulchritude, while out the other side of their shriveled, humorless, thin-lipped gashes, they’re nagging at me for being a guy and thereby participating in the creation of a culture where women are mercilessly held prisoner to my beauty myth and must live precarious lives of constant hunger just to meet with my approval.

I’m like, “Bitches, I want to see curves on ladies, not six-packs! You’re the ones who insist on using waifish skeletons to try to sell me Mangina-scented body spray! More Lisa Nicole Carson, less Calista Flockhart, ya buncha greedy, withered, pc automaton scolds!”

So you keep eatin’ those sliders, Paris. Someday, if you really put 'em away, you might wind up looking like a woman.

I don’t hate her or like her. I don’t know her at all. But I’d definitely fuck her.

I saw the video, and I’m convinced she’s had all the practice she needs. :wink:

That is the shittiest TV ad I’ve ever seen. And the worst part is that some Madison Avenue scumbag got paid like a million bucks to come up with it.

I watched the ad and can’t remember what they want me to buy.

Today one of the Carls up here in Sac had picketers and protestors outside. I passed them on my way home (wish I had a camera phone or something with me). They were picketing because Carls promotes filth and pornography. Hahah! Good times.

I watched the ad and can’t remember what they want me to buy.[/quote]

Hee hee. I swear, it’s like Paris’ publicist came up with it, then they shot all but the one split-second scene where Paris is actually eating a burger and shopped it around to various businesses to see if anyone was interested. Carl’s Jr, a business that has been morally bankrupt for at least 10 years running now (their in-yer-face sexy ad campaign has been around roughly that long, although it started as posters and print ads), bit first and then they added the burger-eating shot later.