Since I'm the resident Flash fanboy: the movie


Mmmmm . . . ton of no-names. It will be hideous. Flash, more than most other superheroes (GL comes to mind) would need a very good touch to make it to the big screen. I don’t forsee that. The powerset just requires a lot of thought in how it is presented. Superman and his ilk are easy; super-strong, super-good, invulnerable. Not too much gray matter to work with that. I recall the Flash tv series (torrents, anyone?) with not too much enthusiasm. Plus, it’s Jay Garrick, which effectively renders it unidentifiable to anyone under 70 who isn’t a comic geek. Plus again, shitty unknown costume, presumably.

In other news, I found that news on a site after watching Chronicles of Riddick, then read the appropriate thread here. A good B-movie, or a decent A-movie, if you’re a sci-fi buff and not too refined. I’d call it a mid-career Schwartzenegger movie set in space, without the necessity of one-liners.


Its not necessarilly Jay Garrick- that was just Sci-Fi wire’s comment on the first appearance of the character. I haven’t seen any comment from Goyer on which flash it will be but I’d bet on Wally or Barry way before Garrick.

I’m not sure about the no names comment either- the only talent attached right now is Goyer. Blade 3 didn’t turn out that well but he’s certainly has the comic-to-film pedigree, is familiar with the material, and is friends (and used to co-write JSA) with the author of the current highly regarded Flash run, Geoff Johns. Goyer is as good as anyone at least as far as the script goes.

I agree with concern over how to properly present Flash visually though- that will be a tough nut to crack.

The Flash always seemed like the sort of character who’d be good in a team superhero movie, something like a JLA flick. His abilities seem more suited to a support role. I can’t see there being a lot of interest in a guy who can just run really fast, unless his powers are tarted up some to provide some kind of super-strength, etc. As it is, his only solution to every situation would be to outrun the bad guys. “Hey, those bank robbers are getting away–I’d better run really fast to stop them!” “Hey, Captain Cold’s about to freeze Central City–I’d better run really fast to stop him!” How do you make a movie out of stuff like that? Doing a Jay Garrick retro thing and setting the movie back in the 30s might be the only way to make it interesting.

That said, I loved SA and BA Flash. Best book DC was putting out in the later 70s, IMO.

The TV series was reasonably entertaining, not sure I’d go out of my way to watch a movie about him, but as a tv series it worked fine.

Last I heard, they really wanted to play that angle - things like running so fast that he went back in time and arrived before he left, or was tearing up tornados through town or wherever.

Stuff Captain Cold though. There was a nice line in JLU the other day though, with Flash and Elongated Man playing Rock’em Sock’em robots and complaining about being third tier comic relief Leaguers.

Blade: Trinity writer/director David Goyer will write, produce and direct a movie based on DC Comics’ The Flash

Do you really need to read beyond this, the first sentence in the article, to know how this will turn out?

Goyer has done plenty of good work. But then he’s done plenty of bad work too. His involvement doesn’t really give any indication one way or another as to what the quality of the movie will be.