Since it's President's Day, who do you think was the best?

My vote: Teddy Roosevelt.

FDR… the guy had the guts to do what had to be done.

William Henry Harrison. He didn’t have time to screw anything up.

(Worst? Shrubya, according to a very worried Helen Thomas, who’s known every president since JFK.)

JFK. He boinked Marilyn Monroe for heaven’s sake.

Jimmy Carter

He’s history’s greatest monster!

I don’t know about best ever, but Harry Truman was the last good president we had.

Ideologically, FDR. In terms of handling of the presidency, Lincoln.

Washington. Because he stepped down when he was powerful enough to have really screwed up the system.

I’d have to give it to Washington too. Everyone was ready to crown him King.

Have to agree it was Washington. Honorable mention: Abe Lincoln for preserving the union.

Not to mention the fact that he had to run for re-election during the Civil War.

Gerald Ford.

he single-handedly thrust Chevy Chase’s career in the spotlight, which provided my dad and i something to watch together every sat night (i was allowed to stay up late just for that show. what a great childhood memory!)

god bless Gerald Ford!

Jefferson. I’ve been disappointed with everyone since.

Didn’t realize you were that old, Kyle. :shock:

Jakub, what the hell? ;)

And got Chevy hooked on pain pills from all the pratfalls to boot.

I second Truman (at least for the modern presidents). Guy ran a hell of a campaign just to get elected for real, and I don’t think he gets anywhere near the respect he deserves

All time: Lincoln, no question.

Andrew Jackson

Any president with quotes worthy of Freedom Force is tops in my books.

Bill Clinton?

He did get elected for 2 straight terms!

How about Jimmy “treason” Carter, heh: