Singin' & Dancin'

So, Karaoke Revolution has been a big hit around the house, and I have a good DDR pad on the way now. But in an era where musicals are making a comeback, these games seem incomplete. Are there any games that combine the singing and the dancing? Everybody shimmies during Karaoke Revolution anyway, let’s put that to good use.

We have both and I was thinking the same thing. It would be a natural to combine the two. Something like that could be put to good use for an American Idol game. Of course, any game that demands that you have both a dance pad and a microphone headset is either going to be expensive (if it includes them) or only be applicable to a small portion of the installed user base (if it assumes you have them).

Man, am I ever sick of those songs on the Karoke game.

Hey Supertanker, why not throw Eye Toy into your ultimate musical game too? One thing they need to add to Karaoke Revolution is a record mode. You should be able to play back your warbling for your own amusement.

Everyone goes on and on about violence and realistic graphics being the dominant trend in gaming. I think it’s stuff like DDR, Eye Toy, and Karaoke. Like it or not, these games have instant non-geek appeal. I think a game that synergizes all the above will happen. Eye Toy: Dance combines Eye Toy and some DDR elements after all.

Also, Mark, you Xbox DDR Ultramix comes with a dance pad and Xbox Live comes with a microphone. Maybe combine Music Mixer (Xbox Karaoke) and DDR?

I was thinking that Amplitude with a DDR style controller might be fun.

I’m generally pretty apprehensive about music games in general, because it’s so easy to go so very wrong, but absolutely everything I see come down the pipe from Harmonix has been absolutely brilliant. Those guys are doing such amazing work, and I hope there is some sort of cosmic justice that lets every single one of them retire as a millionaire.