Single-Elimination Tournament for Qt3 PC Game of the Year

Let the handicapping begin! KOTOR is certainly a strong nominee, being a very good game and a console port that was actually done right, but the xbox stigma will hurt KOTOR. Here are my opening odds:

Aow2: 8-1 - overshadowed by Dom2
COD: 7-1 -will split some with VC
Dom2: 3-1 - the hot game
Goth2: 4-1 -those who master the inteface love
Kotor: 5-2 - the Russel Crowe
RoN: 10-1 - the fast fade
Tron: 10-1 - suffered from early bad publicity
VC: 6-1 - will split some with COD
GTAVC: 15-1 - dated technology
GalCiv: 6-1 - qt3 favorite and grassroot getter
PSide: 10-1 - the mismanaged superstar
TOEE: 20-1 - plagued by bugs, but plenty of panache
FFXIII: 100-1 - I forget how many III’s I’m supposed to use

Nah, Call of Duty doesn’t have the automatic cover/peeking mechanic, and it never made me fire at a shadow to ensure it wasn’t a bad guy. It lacked Vietcong’s subtlety.


Perhaps we can just make a console list as well? I feel left out of the fun since my PC has been busted all year.

Ok, it seems that expanding to 16 would be best. In addition to the 8 games listed above, how about these…

Final Fantasy XI
Galactic Civilizations
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Hidden and Dangerous 2
Max Payne 2/Silent Storm
Splinter Cell
Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne


Replace Max Payne 2 with Silent Storm.

Damn! I forgot what a freaking knockout year 1998 was. That’s some pretty heavy competition.

Frozen Throne makes the cut but Titans’ doesn’t? :)

I love this kind of contest when Games Domain did it. GameFAQs does something similar with game characters.

I recommend as broad a list as possible; you’ll filter out the niche games pretty quick I think.

Just make a big poll with like the 20 or so games listed(if this message board software can do 20picks) and just let people vote.

Anything coming out in the next three weeks we should wait for???

Can I nominate M.A.M.E.?
I nominate M.A.M.E.

Wow. 98 really was a Golden Age of gaming.

Game of the year this year and every year - M.A.M.E.

I’m sure whatever Japanese cartoon-girls-strip-for-you domino games that were added with the latest version are all better than, uh, Splinter Cell.

Hey, Koontz, did you edit the thread’s name after some of us protested about the missing console titles? If so, I call foul.

And, yeah, if anyone’s going to do this, throw everything but the kitchen sink in there and let the winners rise to the top. And don’t leave out console games. That’s just silly.


A single elimination tourney is a bad idea, because the third best game can get knocked out extremely early. A better idea is a ballot with, say, 5 points for 1st, 3 for 2nd, and 1 for 3rd place votes, though I’m sure that’s beyond the capabilities of this code. When I vote for Vice City, I want to show that Madden 2004 is second and Planetside 3rd.

I’m going to use hidden seedings so that the games most favored don’t match up with each other early. Every game will be seeded.

Ballots are very biased, since they require people to have a large knowledge base (often people vote in them despite their lack of knowledge). In this system each poll contains only 2 games. Thus people can vote in the polls where they are familiar with the games involved and not vote in the others.

  1. How dare you forget Prince of Persia?
  2. People discussing the rules to no end sucked the fun from this thread. Who cares if it’s fair? Just make a second thread for console games and a final Best PC vs. Best Console game match.

The phpBB software only allows about 10 choices in a poll.

I think it makes sense to award by platform. Even among the game addicts here, few of us have EVERY console in addition to a PC.

I have a PS2 and a GBA SP, so I can’t comment on XBox or Gamecube games. But virtually all of us play PC games.