Single player GalCiv2 w/ Arnor or Dom3?

I know it is a bit of apples and oranges, but they are both basically long turn based strategy games with empire building. I have Gal Civ2 Gold and I played Dom2 long ago. Both have their merits and I was considering getting either Dom3 or the expansion to Gal Civ 2.

The main question I guess is as a single player game, which offers a better experience? I know Gal Civ2 is only SP and Dom3 is heavily weighted towards the PBEM games, but that doesnt mean one or the other is better in the SP arena necessarily.

Anyway. Opinions? Or general opinions on the merits of either that stand out?

And as a bonus question, do you pretty much have to get Dom3 from Shrapnel? I think I got Dom2 from GoGamer (for much cheaper) long ago, but I could be wrong.

I think the AI in GC2 is considerably stronger than the AI in Dom3. OTOH, Dom3 has enormous lashings of stuff in terms of races, spells, items, different approaches, &c &c… if a tightly balanced game in which you have to really push hard to win is your thing, I’d go GC2. If you like exploring a system which may very well be unbalanced but which just has more stuff than you can poke a stick at, go Dom3.

I pretty much agree with lesslucid, though winning the higher Dominions difficulty levels can be pretty challenging too, especially if you don’t have experience with the usual MP tricks.

I don’t think MP is out of the question for any kind of Dom 3 player either, there are one-sitting games or all different hosting intervals to suit your taste.

Shrapnel is pretty much the way to get dominions, but there are a few resellers.