Single texture applied to multiple items

I’m trying to streamline a mod for GC2. It’s comprised of a set of stars I created, and is also comprised of another mod of extremely high resolution images mapped to planet surfaces. In all it’s “uncompressed big huge texture” glory it brings my computer to its knees when I get a large map of them… Lots and lots of stars with this 4 Meg texture map applied. In the orignal game they average only ~200 Kb file. In this mod it’s about 100 Meg (vs. 10 Meg core game dection).

So my question… is video just running out of video memory? 100 Meg (not even including the game itself) is a lot to load, those maps will be applid to 100 differing planets. And here’s where I wonder if it’s not the size that’s so band (loads into memory just fine) but if it’s the bandwidth of having to render all those in such high numbers - casues the slowdown and choppiness?

I guess… it’s more like what is worse? Do I focus on lowering file size? Do I focus on reducing the texturer map dimensions.

Any help would be great

Your post is a little confusing to parse, but basically file size on disk is meaningless except when it comes to initial load time (and even there its hard to say what the impact is since the decompression might be more expensive than loading more data from the disk).

A 46k JPG and a 4 megabyte BMP file might represent the same compression-friendly image (minus slight lossiness in the JPG version) with the same dimensions, but either way when you load it into memory it will use around 4 megabytes of memory (note: there are exceptions to this like DDS textures, where the hardware uses compressed textures directly, but lets ignore that for now).

What matters is the texture resolution. If your texture is 100 megabytes uncompressed, yeah, that’s way too fucking big. Even newish graphics cards will start to choke on 2048x2048 textures, and that’s only like 12 megabytes uncompressed for a 24bit image.

Wow thanks! That’s exactly what I needed to know. Sorry my question didn’t come out better. Was real tired last night.