Singles: Flirt Up Your Life

Leave it to the Germans.

Essentially a porn version of The Sims, this little gem hits the EU on February 14th. Anyone know a good place to get European games shipped to the US? After the response we got from that Sexy Beach 2 game, I predict the X-Play viewers would go nuts over this one.

won’t gogamer sell it?


We are merging into one badly lighted entity with horribly sized hands!

A US version is coming out later this year. I don’t think they have the publisher nailed down yet

I’d be careful using the word nailed in this thread.

Maybe we should form a company to distribute this thing.

Assuming you can get it into enough outlets and in front of The Sims-buying crowd, this game should like printing money, even if it sucks.

I find it hard to believe any publisher in the US would let this one through uncensored. I don’t know that the mainstream PC gaming public is perceived as being ready for full polygonal gay sex.

I would only be interested if it came with a USB connected “accessory” for use during the more climactic portions of the game.