Singstar or Karaoke Revolution

I’m thinking of picking up either Singstar or Karaoke Revolution as a game for the family. Anyone who has played both have a preference?

It needs to be something that a three year old can enjoy, she doesn’t have to be able to win, just something with enough fun to be entertained and not send her spiraling into a tantrum out of frustration.


Both can be fun and if you can afford both get both, having said that, my niece, nephew and myself prefer the KR series over the SS series. It seems more precise, you get to make a character and we prefer most of the songs as well.

I like KR better. It’s a cuter version of Singstar, but i feel it has more gameplay options, you can make a cool avatar, and It’s feel much more like a party game than SS. Singstar felt very sterile, but does have music videos and real muscians singing the songs. For me KR is like singing Karaoke, while SS is like singing along with MTV on your TV.