Sins of a Solar Empire 2 : the sequel that took 15 years to make

-More 4x focus beyond combat
-Individual turret firing solution
-More simulation in combat, instead of abstracted bonuses
-Planets and moons orbit around
-It maintains 2d combat, same factions too
-It will starts with a ‘real’ very Early Access. So see you in 2024!

Hey, someone beat me to it!

Just to confirm: This is not a drill. This is not a prank.

This. Is. Happening.


Holy shit, no way. After ~15 years I’d kind of given up thinking it would happen.

IN. Definitely in.

Wow, this is wonderful news!

You, and apparently about 80% of the internet, LOL.

It has been SO HARD sitting on this news, I’m glad it’s finally out there and I can get hyped about it with everyone.

Insert take my money gif here

@Dan_Theman @Otagan @BrianRubin report for duty

Man! Finally!

@BlairFraser Congrats on the announcement

An extra year for those waiting for the Steam version.

Thanks! Excited to share more!

It’s about GOD DAMNED time.

Aw yeah.

A little sad about 2D combat though.

Hail to the chief! Congrats, @BlairFraser! I promise I’ll stop nagging you now that it’s official, lol.

Sins of a Solar Empire is one of the all time greats. Can’t wait.

So… will they return?



Not I. I think it shows they have their priorities right. Anyway, Homeworld 3 is also in the pipeline.

With the increased 4x aspects, I wonder if this will (eventually) compete with Distant Worlds 2. Or maybe that’s giving DW2 too much credit.

great news!

Ohhh, this is incredible - awesome! Such great news! My GF laughed at me when I literally whooped as I say the headline of this post!