Sins of a Solar Empire 2 : the sequel that took 15 years to make

Hey everyone! We’ve got a new update out for the Technical Preview today. It’s been on test for a little bit and is now officially released.

The link above has a summary of all the new stuff, plus the full changelog if you’d really like to dive into the nitty-gritty. Enjoy!

Stardock eventually allowed you to get a Steam key from your EGS purchase of Galciv: Supernova (alas, after I had double-dipped. Sigh). Has there been any word if they will do the same for Sins 2?

I’d like to try it out, but I know I’m going to want this on Steam.

Ooh, that’s my bank holiday sorted. Definitely looking forward to the fleet system.

When I first fire this game up I want to relive the first time I built the TEC Kol Battleship back in 08.

Now you’ll be able to watch it properly fly out of the drydocks for the first time.

I liked how Sins 1 looked, but this is gorgeous

Huh, one of the AI players in this game has already lost after 40 minutes. I did send a pirate raid at them, but still seems early.

Double huh. Just won a capital victory without ever seeing an enemy capital.

Hey, Blair - weird, lightweight question; for ages, I’ve noticed RTS games with selectable colors/shades tend to avoid black like the plague (edit - to your credit, you have it as a secondary selection in Sins 2). I’ve had the theory it’s either over concern for multi-player balance (I would expect darker items are slightly slower to visually pick up) or it just fails to highlight graphical awesomeness as well as lighter colors/shades. Any thoughts/opinions on that?

Is it me or is the tech tree layout incorrect for the prerequisites for orbital extraction?

Sins tech

This implies you only need Deep Core Metal Mining, but the tooltip says both.

Probably bugged - of which there are still many. Among many other issues. I’m happy to look into it if you are able to send me the recorded game. “C:\Users\Blair\AppData\Local\sins2\recorded_games”

My email is [email protected].

It should read like this (i.e. it requires deep metal mining AND efficient crystal sorting)


Not sure it’s a bug, I was playing against medium AIs, so it’s possible they just couldn’t withstand the pirate raids. Sill not ideal of course. I’ll send the replay.

All that aside, really loving the UI improvements, both the fleet manager and the battle display. Also like the “new” (to me) trade system and the research UI, apart from that one misleading bit

Ha, we’ve had this conversation many times since the early 2000’s. We’ve experimented with it many times as well. I can’t speak for other games but we suspect its the same concern we found - contrast. 1. Contrast with the background environment, 2. Contrast with details on the unit itself (e.g. self shadowing), and 3. Contrast against other player’s units.

The environment contrast particularly impt in Sins because we like to have a number of dark skyboxes (the current build of Sins2 does not reflect this - yet). You can also see clear evidence of this concern from Blizzard games because in a game like Starcraft 2 they even change what colors are available in a given match based on the map (e.g. brown/tan is not available on desert maps).

Much appreciated; as a once-upon-a-time “stage crew” type in high school, I miss my blacks but always suspected there was a reason we didn’t get them. I recall in one example—the misbegotten Sword of the Stars 2—it would even show you ships without your team color applied before you selected one. In that game, the black highlights were just cooler but nobody got to use them.

Contrast makes sense, however. And hey, should you ever create a “big bad” or “ancients” fleet for a late game random event, you COULD always go that route for it as well because the reduced visual clarity might be more of a feature than a bug, so to speak.

Contrast also HUGELY important for accessibility.

Oh, good point! I honestly hadn’t thought about that - thank you.