Sins of a Solar Empire 2 : the sequel that took 15 years to make

Thanks a lot! I’ll be getting this the moment you guys decide to release it :-)

Wake me when it lands on Steam. :)

I know everyone wants Steam over EGS for their own perfectly valid reasons (congrats to Epic on learning how to use a cart), but a new game headed by a fellow QT3 member just released in early access! Has anyone else fired it up, yet? While it’s very much . . .


. . . I can’t help but notice how incredibly smooth the engine runs compared to the original. Bravo on the multi-core usage.
Edit - also, I know it’s “small stuff,” but I really like the teal color

Well, I did indeed succumb and buy/pre-order it, mainly because it seems like this is a rare EA game where I might actually be able to meaningfully influence development (and would want to). Brad’s comment here is indeed accurate:

After one full game, on the plus side, the “does it work” part seems pretty solid. No crashes, no obvious graphics problems, very smooth performance. The UI is still very rough, and nowhere near as good as old Sins. It desperately needs a fleet organiser. The tech tree is confusingly laid out. But these are all going to get better.

So far, there seem to be two big gameplay changes from base Sins (obviously, this is all heavily caveated as subject to change). The biggest is the moving planets (and hence phase lanes). Still not sure what to make of this. It basically means you have to defend (almost) everywhere, as bottlenecks don’t really exist any more, at least not single-point ones. It would be good to have a clearer idea of where future threats will be coming from - at present (unless I’ve missed something) you get a truncated indicator line showing that another phase lane will open up, but not where it’s coming from. This feels like a system that needs to interact more with other systems to merit the change. Maybe planets have shifting production based on their “season”, or certain facilities only work in sunlight or something.

Second, you can now do surface development of your planets, which mostly seems to be a way to circumvent/ameliorate orbital slot limits, but also includes one of the biggest changes, garrisons. Basically once you unlock garrisoning, idle factories at that planet will produce a defensive force up to a given supply limit. I’m not entirely sure what the rules for these garrison ships are but they a) have a range limit from their home planet, and b) seem to autonomously respond to threats in nearby systems. This definitely helps with the whackamole created by shifting phase lanes, but is also a bit messy - garrison ships are identified as such when you zoom in or highlight them (and have a separate section around the planet icon, but if you’re zoomed out, there’s no clear way to tell if those ships in hyperspace are jumping of their own accord or are part of your deliberate fleet movement.

Some smaller changes: Capital ships have had a makeover. Overall they seem less powerful than before, at least in the early-mid game, but that may in part be due to the change whereby you unlock arbitrary “compartments” for about a dozen bonuses alongside their usual abilities, allowing you to specialise or augment them how you choose. Most of the stuff on the tech tree that’s new to Sins relates to these compartments (and most of the rest to surface specialisations - I didn’t see any endgame type techs yet, although the player guide suggests titans and starbases are coming). These can only be installed in a gravity well with a Retrofit Station, which also serves as a repair bay. Capital ships also require exotic resources, which can be found or bought and stored at specialised refineries. You also aren’t as far as I can tell limited in how many cap ships you deploy beyond your overall supply (though maybe the supply cost is geometric, I didn’t check), so it’s definitely viable to have multiple fleets each with multiple capital ships.

Some silly stuff. There are heavy torpedo cruisers in the game, and the torpedoes are ridonkulously big. Like, a third of the length of a capital ship.

I impulse purchased this although I haven’t played the original Sins in a long time. More after I try it out this weekend.

Was the pun intended? :)

I wish t could say so, but it is too early for me to be clever!

I enjoyed being a part of the first long long long alpha/beta technical process of Sins 1.

But now I am older, have less time, and a thousand plus game backlog. So I’ll wait for 1.0 on Steam in probably 2024.

NEXT WEEK: LK ends up getting Sins2 on EGS? :D

I dunno… sounds like it could be a scam to me… Can’t be a one-shop-trick pony now can we!

Holy cow, how did I miss this? I thought it couldn’t possibly be a thread on a real sequel and was just take off the original and dlc. Wow!

Shifting phase lanes sounds interesting but no idea if it works by itself.

No way I am touching this game during early access. The original is too good to be soiled by playing some incomplete mess of an unfinished game. I’ll probably wait until it is also on steam.

Couldn’t resist. I’ve lost count of how many hours I’ve lost in Sins of a Solar Empire. Been playing it since before Day One. But the original version was on DVD. Then there was Impulse. And then Steam. So there’s no way to grok the total number of hours, but it’s gotta be way up there.

Yeah, it’s real early and all, but that’s Sins all right. But I’m liking the changes thus far. Feels like the early game is gated quite a bit more, so the need to rush like crazy is tempered by all the planetary upgrades you need to do, and those are predicated on having enough credits, metal, and crystals. Though in my first game, crystal is nowhere near the issue that it was in Sins 1. But, again, this isn’t really an alpha build, so god knows how much that’s going to change.

I do like the early attempt to streamline the UI. Getting rid of separate military and civilian research stations is a damn good thing. The central UI for planetary management and build is another.

Also seeing the glimpses of the improved diplomacy game and the role minor races will play. As well as having “treasure” around the map, sorta like Civ goodie huts that you have to earn.

Gameplay was butter smooth and stable on my rig. Win11, 5900X, 6800XT, 32GB RAM.

Sins of the Solar Empire is my most bought game.

I bought the original DVD release
I bought it digitally on Impulse
I bought each of the three original expansions on Impulse
I bought the Sins Rebellion redux on Steam
I bought all the DLC on Steam

But I am not about to buy an early access game on Epic Game store. No way.

Thank you guys for all of your feedback! I check everything here and routinely share it with people on the project. We are excited to share more as we continue development.

Yeah, in my game I was never once constrained by anything other than credits, which was a bit weird, but could just mean I wasn’t min maxing enough.

Oh, yeah, credits is the biggest constraint in the game. Everything relies upon it, which is why it’s so critical to upgrade planets (to remove their income penalty), but to also get trade stations. But, again, this is all going to get rebalanced about a million times before release.

In Sins 1, with enough credits you could just buy the other resources you are lacking from the market. Probably which is why I played as TEC the most. Quickiest access to tradeports. And two starbases. TWO.


Ugh. Epic is really a no-go for me. Crap.

(if only Stardock had a game distribution network of their own…)

If it’s an exclusive, then Epic will have exclusivity for a full year once it exits early access and is officially released.

I’m getting in early because I loved the first game THISMUCH, but I think I’ll put it aside until at least we hit that Winter build and we actually have a lot more of the game to play with. The pieces of Sins 2 are here, but it’s way too easy in this tech preview, and the AI isn’t really putting up anything of a fight.

I will ask whether the gravity wells are tiny on purpose, or if this is just a pre-alpha thing? Because one of the things I loved about the first game was that the size of the gravity wells let you maneuver fleets around, as well as send skirmishers scurrying around the edges of the system. Here, the grav wells are the sizes of phone booths in some cases.