Sins of a Solar Empire on X-Play tonight

Hey guys, just an FYI. I just got done taping a demo of Sins of a Solar Empire at G4’s X-Play.

It’s supposed to be televised tonight at 8pm EST on G4.

There are some new screenshots at Gamespot and a new preview at GameSpy. And here’s a recent Q&A session.

We expect to go gold with the game early next week.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t put enough make up on my face to keep me from scaring small children so you you will want to keep the kids away. :)

Sweet! I’ll check it out Brad. Thanks for the heads-up. My pre-order awaits …

By the way did you say hi to Matt Keil?

Is there going to be a demo Brad? From what I’ve seen, this game appeals to me, though traditionally I end up not liking this kind of game (like how, for example, I bought Gal Civ 2, played it, oh, twice, and never touched it again). The realtime space battles appeal to me though.

I will purchase your game because I want you to come to my house and make sweet sweet love to me.

So, if this game does not contain sweet sweet love coupons, I am not interested!

Q: How powerful of a machine do I need to play this game?

A: Sins users should have at least a 2Ghz single core machine with a video card with 128MB of RAM that supports DirectX 9. If you have duo-core then you’re all set. The screenshots in this article are all taken at the minimum levels. The game engine is very flexible to let a much wider array of hardware to play together. we want as many people playing the game as possible.

Score! I’m squeaking by on the hardware reqs, so I’m definitely buying.

Thanks for the head’s up. :-)

Who do you think booked the gig? :)

The game really looks great. Morgan and I were sad to see it leave the building.

There will indeed be a demo but probably not until March.

Tivo set, I’ll make sure to give it a watch when I can.

Wow, Adam’s shirt is 5 shades too purple.

And the game looks pretty cool, too.

Just don’t make fun of his hair! For the love of god, don’t make fun of his hair!

The new X-Play format is decidedly better. If they’d just cut out the stupid skits completely, they’d be golden.

Adam’s hot!

The short but sweet segment is up on the site now. Nice one, Brad!

At least on the web based version the empire tree was cut off while Brad was talking about it. Probably some overscan scaling issue but it made that part of the interview confusing if you hadn’t played it before. Otherwise bang up job, I preordered beta 2 but haven’t played it much at all, looking forward to the final release.

I just got my first look at this game today and – I say this as a bona fide RTS junkie – it’s totally frickin’ sweet. Ironclad really gets the genre.

Also, I had an epiphany watching that G4 segment: Brad Wardell is what you would get if you crossed Bill Paxton with Joel Hodgson!


subscribed to the beta for a while, it is really a cool game…

And perfect for online playing aswell…I love how they have done the zoom twist…no more minimap…its all in the wheel baby.


One of the things we didn’t get to touch on in the demo is that culture and economics play a big role in the game. It’s not just about cranking out ships and tossing them at each other.

When you have your empire up and running, it can be fun to sit down and watch commerce go.

Here’s a video I took of a refinery ship going about its business. Your empire becomes a pretty lively place as civilian ships live out their lives despite imperial wars.

In the betas, I liked watching the mushroom clouds as you bombard a planet from orbit. Very soothing.

Sim Empire! This really sounds like a winner. I can’t wait. I’m guessing you will be taking a lot of these concepts and incorporating them into your fantasy strategy game. Good times for PC gamers are ahead.

Game Over Dr. Forrester. Why don’t you put Frank in charge!

Sorry couldn’t resist.

Torgo has already taken over…