Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion


I’m obligated to throw in Star Wars: Ascendancy as my preferred Star Wars mod, covering ~5 years after the Battle of Endor in the good ol’ no-longer-canon of days past and made by the creators of a similar (and equally delightful) mod for Star Wars: Empire at War.


Oh yes, that one too. I had a reinstall so only put 1 ST and 1 SW mod on and forgot about STA, I see it has a Sovereign class titan, which is basically a Super Star Destroyer with a spine mounted uber-laser. If the Empire and First Order just churned out them instead of Death Stars and other impractical superweapons they would have fared better than they did.


Holy shit that stuff looks good!


If you’re new to the game, my one single piece of advice is to not underestimate repair and support ships. Both for your fleets, but also when in a pitched battle.


I tend to play maps with 3 suns, 250ish colonizable planets and very tight positioning of planets and hyperlanes and 6 or so AIs and focus on fleet actions. Will be lots of max-speed building to get tech trees up to max tier asap.

You can get some oddities like planets above and below the plane if you play around with the settings, not sure if people have seen that.


I’m finding that the UI is a little fuzzy on my HD display. Are there options to change the UI scaling like in Galactic Civ 3?


Yes, under options->user interface->Interface Scale


The new DLC is out. I’m going through the tutorials again to remember how to play before deciding whether to buy it and get back into the game.


Rebellion appears to be free at the moment on Steam.


You are correct. Free for 48 hours - and all the DLC is on sale (even the new one that just came out today).


What’s the order of games? I couldn’t figure out between Rebellion/Trinity etc.


Sins -> Trinity -> Rebellion


Does anyone have an opinion on the other available DLC for Rebellion?


Rebellion free for 2 days:

This requires the base version of Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, and this RT4X game is available for free for the next two days on Steam for those who missed the last time this was given away.


When it says Rebellion is free does that mean the base game and you only need to buy the expansions? Or only free to try for two days and then you buy it?


If you download it now, the base game will be yours forever (or for as long as Steam lasts anyways).


Ha! Fun fact: I first bought Sins on Impulse, which is now defunct.


You’ll be able to download from Stardock, if you recall your email that you used. Or … you can just get it free from Steam, lol.


If I have Rebellion is there any reason to have the others?


No, Rebellion is a stand-alone game that’s basically the culmination of all the work they did on the original 2008, through to Trinity (which was a bundle of the base game + original expansions anyway).

If you’re new to Sins you only need to buy Rebellion, and then any DLCs released for it that take your fancy.

None of the DLCs released prior to Minor Factions have ever felt that ground-breaking to me - one adds new planet types, one makes the NPC pirates a bit more aggressive etc… it’s all skippable and probably worth waiting for a sale.

The Mod community has done a far better job of making this game interesting, much like how Rome: Total War’s mod community kept that game a live for so long. The Sins of the Prophet Halo mod, for example, is really cool.

That said (and I need to confirm by putting some playtime in), Minor Factions looks like it could actually add an interesting new dynamic into the game with the minor factions, but we’ll have to see. At worst, they are the existing pirate NPCs with a flag and a planet of their own now, at best they could be something like the city-states from the Civilization series.