Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion


Ahh, gotcha. Yeah, you’ll get those notices; that’s when I jump over to make sure they’re not about to die and/or send them off to an uncontested nearby planet to patch up.


Well my second game went better than my first, but it ended suddenly with a military defeat. They overthrew me with culture. I was getting bombarded with deliverance message strikes, but in combat I held my own. Culture was a problem there as I couldn’t take the systems I raided from that ai. I guess I needed a lot more broadcast networks, though I’m not sure where I would stick them. A huge fleet of pirates ended up a in a system that is only connected to my capitol, and I’m not quite sure how they got there. They must have snuck by while I was in the middle of fighting a massive incursion in my home system. The pirate fleets were getting really big. So I had a two pronged assault against me at once by 2 ai, the pirates popped up and wiped out a pretty defenseless system, and it was game over.


@Dan_Theman for the stacking of the mods for Distant Stars, is that just dumping them into a directory on top of each other based on that order? Or do they go into their own folders, and the order they are enabled in SoSE is the stacking?


Great question;
Keep each mod in its own folder, and yes, the order matters.
A couple notes: first and foremost, if you’re using the DS Sound Mod, that goes at the top of the list (loading it last to override the sounds in the other mods). Second, using the map packs will remove and replace some standard Sins maps.

Here are some combos and their checksums (all are WITHOUT the totally optional sound mod):

  1. DS-MapPack_v3.0R-RG (special set of maps for DS)
    DS_v0.25.0R+FWSPOS-RG (the base mod)
    Checksum # 104643710

  2. DS-AHA2_v3.0R-RG (some new capital ships and special techs)
    DS-MapPack_v3.0R-RG (special set of maps for DS)
    DS_v0.25.0R+FWSPOS-RG (base mod)
    Checksum # 164322180

  3. DS-AHA2_v3.0R-RG (some new capital ships and special techs)
    DS_v0.25.0R+FWSPOS-RG (base mod)
    Checksum # 112000325

  4. DS-SolSystem_v3.0R-RG (special set of maps for DS + Sol)
    DS_v0.25.0R+FWSPOS-RG (base mod)
    Checksum # 113940585

  5. DS-PowerfulPirates_v3.0R-RG (pirates on steroids)
    DS_v0.25.0R+FWSPOS-RG (base mod)
    Checksum # 105118960

  6. DS-PowerfulPirates_v3.0R-RG (pirates on steroids)
    DS-MapPack_v3.0R-RG (special set of maps for DS)
    DS_v0.25.0R+FWSPOS-RG (base mod)
    Checksum # 157440815


Just to be sure I understand, it would be listed at the top in the SoSE interface where it shows the enabled mods?


The sound mod, yes. From top to bottom:

Sound mod
other mini-mods
base mod

edit - I actually like to think of it as layering on top. So the base mod is the “base.”
edit 2 - oh, and it’s an either/or for the two map pack mini-mods should you choose to use them.


Thinking just the sound mod, map pack, and base for now. Between that, ehanced 4x, The star wars one, the star trek one, and the base game I should be busy until 2020.

The pacing is kind of nice. I wonder if it would be possible to make a regular rts that plays more at the pace. I guess the problem is games will take a long time.


LOL - not a bad collection of mods, I must say.

Yeah, the stately, deliberate pace of Sins really works for me. But yes, the games can go on for several hours if you do huge maps. Of course, that’s what pizza delivery is for. ;)


It might have to find a way onto my desert islands game list. There is a lot of gaming to be had here.


@Dan_Theman do you usually play with pirates enabled?


Yep! I love 'em.


XP for capitol ships :)


Darn straight! LOL


@BlairFraser I was reading online that at one point recording games was causing issues, so it was turned off by default. Is it okay to enable now?


As far as I know its working fine. I used one the other day to track down a problem.


Version 1.94 is now available on Steam and GOG. The full list of improvements is here:

As its a common question, I will preemptively answer it: Yes, most mods should still work. Modders have had beta access to this build since February so all the major ones should be fully compatible and many have added new features using new capabilities from v1.94.


That’s nuts to see you guys still working on the game. Good stuff! Can’t wait to see what y’all have up your sleeve next.


Great support! Thanks.


Thanks, Blair! Make sure to let us know the moment we can start throwing some more money your way. ;)


Thanks for the update, love playing this game.

Nice patch notes also, and something else than the usual “various fixes and improvements…” you see.