Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion


As far as I know its working fine. I used one the other day to track down a problem.


Version 1.94 is now available on Steam and GOG. The full list of improvements is here:

As its a common question, I will preemptively answer it: Yes, most mods should still work. Modders have had beta access to this build since February so all the major ones should be fully compatible and many have added new features using new capabilities from v1.94.


That’s nuts to see you guys still working on the game. Good stuff! Can’t wait to see what y’all have up your sleeve next.


Great support! Thanks.


Thanks, Blair! Make sure to let us know the moment we can start throwing some more money your way. ;)


Thanks for the update, love playing this game.

Nice patch notes also, and something else than the usual “various fixes and improvements…” you see.


Looks like the Star Trek Armada 3 mod for Sins has finally hit 1.0


I’m still waiting for some mods to catch up to the latest patch. I wish there was a nice mod manager for tracking and downloading mod updates.


So having Sins mods on Nexus or something?


Moddb has some of them, but I think there are some I had to grab from separate websites. Something that would monitor it though, and just pull them down for me would be nice :)


Yeah, that’s the issue with a mod manager; if they could all be localized then something like that could work. Still, I agree in concept it would be great.


Nexus has a manager client, so if I was a mod maker I’d try to get my mod on there. Come on mod makers. It looks like Sins of a Galactic Empire, and Sins of the Prophets are on there, so I guess I can use it for those to make life a bit easier. Doesn’t look like 4x enhanced is on there though. I’m just being lazy :)


It looks like 4x enhanced has been updated so time to jump back in. @Dan_Theman do you have any issues running older mods like 7ds on the current builds?

@Otagan have you played the Star Wars: Empires at War version of Thrawn’s Revenge?


I’ve played more of that than I have Ascendancy, but still not a whole lot. I recall doing the Thrawn and Daala campaigns, but never a full-fledged grand campaign since I was waiting for a new version to roll out first.


I haven’t run 7DS in some time, but Distant Stars was working wonderfully for me.


Are most of the Sins mods existing IP like Star Trek and Star Wars or are there notable ones that feature something unique or novel that doesn’t draw from other fandoms?


Most? Eh, hard to say. For the “big ones” I’d call it a majority of existing IPs, whether BSG, Star Wars, or Star Trek. Distant Stars and E4X are non-IP-borrowing mods. 7DS (Seven Deadly Sins) is a mix.


Thanks, I may check those out.

I know I need to turn in my nerd card, but lately I have grown a bit fatigued with Star Wars, Star Trek, and BGS themes. Just feels a little over-saturated. I can still maybe get along with Star Trek, but I am preferring something a little different and novel.


I’d recommend Distant Stars, then; it’s really an enhancement of the base game.
Some highlights;

  • Much longer tech tree. Almost all techs have more iterations, and then some new stuff is added in
  • A handful of new shared-tech capital ships (optional add-on)
  • Larger fleet sizes
  • New maps
  • Some special new planets
  • (optional) insane pirates

Cheers! Thanks for the help and info.

Distant Stars does look great and E4X looks fun with how it leans harder into the 4X aspects.