Sintel - amazing (and heart breaking) indie animated short

Go watch. Then come back here and curse me for sharing the link with you.

p.s. Semi-spoilers below. Don’t read the thread until you’ve watched it.

Damn you.

Sorrow shared is sorrow halved.

I like how she totally mastered the lance thing which she could barely lift. It was predictable, but the animation was good.

Also, she should have been embarrassed to still be wearing worn leather shoulders. I bet the dragon dropped some good BOP’s, though. What a waste.

Got bored and moved on. Shit needs editing.

On the contrary, it was too short. Could easily be expanded to feature length.

I disagree. I think that every scene was necessary, especially in conveying the depth and breadth of her search. Were it shorter, I don’t think the reveal would’ve been as dramatic. You could possibly argue that her encounter with the shaman / medicine man could’ve been cut out, but I feel even that dialogue had purpose and motivation.

I dunno. I think if you made it a feature you’d need to completely retool the ending (and add a lot to the middle). The ending works (such as it is) because it’s only fifteen minutes long. If I was presented that ending after a ninety minute commitment, I wouldn’t be sad, I’d be pissed.

Liked the story but more importantly this was done entirely using free software tools by a group of independents/amateurs

One of the states goals of the project was to:

a means to further improve and validate the free/open source 3D creation suite Blender.

It’s fair to say, they have done just that

Well, shit. I was warned I guess, but now I’m all depressed and morose to start my morning.

God dammit…

That was awesome. Thanks for sharing man.

Fantastic production values for being the product of an open source software package. I’d say they’ve proved beyond a doubt the capabilities of the package, and kudos to everyone involved for making a great looking, sounding and flowing production. There is some real talent on that team.

That said, one look in a mirror during all those years of her journey would have kinda solved the whole issue. Also, she couldn’t manage an equipment upgrade in all that time? Talk to a few NPCs, do a quest here and there, stop to loot your kills, etc… Nobody takes on epic encounters in newbie gear, sheesh! ;-)