Sir K-k-k-ken is c-c-c-coming to k-k-kill me!

First member of Monty Python to be Knighted!

Well deserved! <clap clap!>

Could we find time to celebrate John Cleese too?

He’s still silly-walking his way there?

As long as he doesn’t mention the war.

Not a reference I understand.

You need to see Fawlty Towers, sir.

Have seen it, every episode, but it’s been years. I know not to put basil in the ratatouille.

Today I learned that there is stool in Buckingham Palace meant only to support the knee of someone who is being knighted.

John Cleese turned down a CBE in 1996, so I doubt he’ll get another one offered. He’s not particularly anti-monarchist, from what I can make out, but he “finds the whole thing silly”. He also apparently turned down a peerage.

I’ve always wanted to watch Palin’s travel shows, but I was never able to find them conveniently watchable in the US.

I watched them all on PBS back when cable + DVR could be had for reasonable rates.

But yeah, in the age of streaming media, I haven’t been able to find his shows.

I just looked it up, he has a new travel show from 2018, where he goes to North Korea. And it’s on FuboTV.