Sir, You Are Being Hunted. Also, sir, you are running a lot of errands.

Title Sir, You Are Being Hunted. Also, sir, you are running a lot of errands.
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Game reviews
When May 2, 2014

Sir, You Are Being Hunted is a game about carrying capacity. You must retrieve fifteen doo-dads scattered across the land and bring them to a spot in the center, which is like a cross between Stonehenge and one of those Goodwill drop-off stations..

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Tedious and repetitive? That's what I thought too. Good review.

I had a feeling a randomly generated stealth game where you crouch-walk through the moor could get boring quickly.

This is Rock Paper Shotgun's game of the year.

Well, I'm glad they scrapped the idea of Kieron Gillen doing a text adventure.

Well, it has been a relatively slow four months. :)

Sooo...what's the point of it being procedural generated if it isn't worth playing more than once? Or am I missing something?

While I've never been a huge fan of the stealth-action genré, I think Sir, You Are Being Hunted is one of the better forays into the territory in recent years. I think the criticism that it loses it's appeal after a single playthrough is certainly valid -- as you said, you can only see something for the first time once -- but the way I have gotten replayability and longevity out of the game is by committing to an "Ironman" run every time I load it up. In short: if I die, I start over from scratch.

That approach to the game certainly makes the entire adventure that much more dangerous and thereby adds some intensity to a game that would otherwise lack it. Of course, that sort of feature is player-determined (last I remember, there isn't an "Ironman" or "Hardcore" mode built into the game) so maybe it's not a fair criticism for this review.

I think you raised some valid points and I'm not sure I really disagree with anything you said, but the technology behind the game is impressive and I've enjoyed it with my own restrictions. Your mileage, of course, may vary.

For their small team it was the best way to create environments of the size that they wanted. One of the guys had a fair amount of experience with procedural generation before hand.

More info at:

The game looks nice visually. I hope someone makes a The Most Dangerous Game multiplayer mod.

"Also also [sic?]"
"Sir[,] You Are Being Hunted"
"Mark of the Nin[j]a"
"It’s really cool to see [a] killer robot"

Ha. Only because Jim Rossignol, who runs RPS, is the lead designer. It is likely to be an ironic Game of the Year.

That's a shame. I'm inclined to give it the benefit of the doubt, but I have to admit that traversal is one of my biggest issues in games. Prototype can be forgiven a lot of problems because holy-crap-is-it-fun to rapidly scale a building, leap off double-jump and glide around NYC.

Stealth can be fun, but slowly crouch-walking is usually not...

Well, I agree it can be repetitive, but I don't really believe that you need to crouch-walk everywhere. Part of the fun is getting chased and running away, after all. I think the reviewer is looking at it more as a game to be won, than a game for game's sake.

This is some weird news.

The Switch version will be a comprehensive remaster, and that will return to PC as a new standalone game, with enhanced visuals, new gameplay options, a modern engine, bigger islands, faster procedural generation, and more! It will be a Reinvented version of the game we love.

Yeah, saw that and it struck me as really rather unfathomable.