Sir, you are being hunted

I couldn’t find any thread on this game, something which I find rather puzzling. Here is the blurb from the games own site.

   		 [I]Sir, You Are Being Hunted[/I] is a procedurally-generated  first-person game of stealth and survival set in a very British world  where robots hunt humans for sport. You must use your wits and possibly a  flask of tea to stay alive.

Sir is a sandbox experience, where each playthrough is completely different, thanks to our British Countryside Generator. Choose how you escape from the islands: using violence, or using trickery and stealth. This brutal and unforgiving test of your mettle will soon be available for Windows, OSX, and Linux.

The game is made by Big Robot games, which features Jim Rossignol from RPS, and two programmers, one of which is James Carey who has worked for both Bohemia and Creative Assembly. There is a very nice story about the game over at RPS.

The videos make this looks exactly like my kind of game - Sneaking, open-world, procedurally created and featuring the terror of being discovered (Think Thief). It also has a ton of that particular british humor, which I love, love, love.

Anyways, the game is in an alpha stage where you can purchase it from the 19th of August, and I urge people to take a look at it.

I am a KS backer of it and am anxious to get my hands on it. The updates and videos so far are very cool.

Such a great game. My first runthrough I tried capturing footage and ended up getting attacked within the first three minutes of being in-game. I hadn’t even left the spawn area, I was just talking, when all of a sudden I got winged by a spray of buckshot. After that it was just a furious chase across the countryside until I inevitably died.

Great fun. :D

How did you get the game?

I backed it on Kickstarter at a fairly high level ($45?). They released the alpha build to those backers way back in… July? June? Can’t remember, honestly. I can go back and check my email?

They emailed out the instructions on how to get the Alpha download July 9th. Thanks to the Humble Store for facilitating that! :D

But yeah. Great game, you really must give it a try. It’s really hilarious in dark ways and really creates a huge sense of suspense and trepidation as you wander the moors trying to escape.

I love the concept and the theme, but the KS was based out of England so you had to use a CC instead of Amazon payments, so I passed. It was also (initially) going to be SP only, which turned me off. Now that they plan to introduce a coop/competitive multiplayer mode, though, I am suuuuuper interested.

I’ve been following it for a while, but since this place turned quite anti-rps (it seems?), i decided i wasn’t exactly the ‘most loved’ Qt3er to promote it here ;) It’s been looking better and better and even though violent FPS games are not my thing these days, this has been different enough to maintain my curiosity. I didn’t Kickstart it, but i’ll be buying it when it is out i think.

Why is this place “anti-rps”? Was it because of the basement boys club mentality being threatened by their pro-feminism stance?

Anyhow, yeah, this game looks amazing. Can’t wait to try it out.

$45? High level? I am either an impulse control sap, or Privateer Press should treat me like a Rock Star God after the Warmachine Kickstarter! :)

Well, high is a relative term. For me, putting down $45 on a game that still isn’t even fully developed was kind of a big deal. But Warmachine is a different beast entirely. ;)

Very nice, I’m quite envious! The game looks gorgeous, and the whole idea behind it just seems so right up my alley.

For me, it was when RPS carried out a witchhunt against Lucy Bradshaw, head of Maxis after the SimCity debacle. She said something about how SimCity can’t be converted into an offline game and RPS went all righteous and huffed and puffed about it.

Anyway, carry on…

I am looking forward for what famous youtubers have to say about this game. It could be either way :D

They shouldn’t have taken the GM of a studio to task for a false statement about online/offline in the midst of a firestorm about exactly that? Seems fair to me…

This officially (v1.0) launches tomorrow.

They plan on adding multiplayer and more stuff to the game later, but single player will be done.

Thanks for the reminder. I bought this last September, and loved the couple hours I spent with it then, but I’ve been holding off on playing more until it was complete.

I’ve spent a few hours with this now. It’s charming, frustrating, brutal, and funny. I’m not quite sure if I totally like it yet.

Robots about to give me a solid beating since I had only found a flashlight at this point:

The deadliest enemy in the game. Spotter balloons!

I want to like this game, but I admit my time constraints these days preclude marathon sessions and the aimless wandering gets a bit tired.

Is the basic idea that there’s one fragment per island, somewhere, and they all need to be brought to the central Isle Standing Stone?

There are multiple fragments but yes that’s it from what I recall.

Basically. There’s a few fragments per island. (I think 24 in all.) There’s a lot of running back and forth if you want to keep your inventory clear to collect other stuff like food or ammo.

Which is why I’m on the fence about it. It’s super-repetitive.