Sir, You Are Being Hunted

Did a search, found nothing.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted is like a zombie game. Except that the zombies have guns and large airships the locate you and call all of the bad guys around you to your location.

Big Robot website.

RPS talks about it.

My personal take? A breath of fresh air. It’s discounted on Steam right now. You should get it.

I backed this Kickstarter just because of who was involved and the idea behind it. I keep getting Kickstarter updates about it and love reading them. Someday maybe I’ll play the game. I agree that the concept is fantastic.

I’m actually surprised at how scared I get playing this game with headphones on. The sound of the robots gives me a chill every time. The sound is very well done, as is the proc landscape. These guys deserve every dollar they can get. Superb work.


Here’s the Steam link.

I grabbed it because there are plans to do a sort of coop mode down the line. As much fun as it is to be hunted alone, I cannot wait to be hunted with my friends!

I backed this on KS and it’s in my Steam library. Holding out until it goes final before cracking it open. Once I get a few rounds in, I’ll be anxious to jump right into survival rounds, but I’m hoping they provide some single player scenario, however brief, just to establish the flavor and all the basic mechanics.

Mono, the single player is awesome.

Razgon, thanks. I really did search for it. But I forget that a Qt3 Google search is the the better way.

I had to buy this of course. The thing that freaked me out my first play through was the scarecrow…freaked me out a little…my son was a little weirded out too. The robots no biggie, at least for the little time I played…going back in tonight when the kid is asleep.

I picked it up and played for an hour. It is very good and well polished for a pre-release. I died and put it down… then started thinking about it and started it up again (with headphones on).

The physical terrain, sound and general atmosphere are very “fog and tweed” British. I like the low powered start and being hunted or harassed by things that are relatively harmless solo but deadly in packs. There is a slight rogue-like feel to experimenting and often dying while understanding new enemies or situations. It uses a central location save system, so long treks out increase the risk of losing time (or newly found items) if you get killed.

Only criticism at the moment is no free look key, ala Arma or DayZ, which is especially missed since there is plenty of running away and it would be nice to see what was in pursuit.

Well worth the $10 pre-release charge, I am looking forward to co-op multiplayer whenever it is added.

I bought this a few weeks back. I’ve only played it for a couple hours but I don’t at all regret buying it before the sale. Nor do I regret only playing for a couple hours. I think the game is great at making me feel like I’m actually being hunted, go figure. As much as I enjoyed it, I found it to be a little too stressful for me to want to put a lot of time into. I know that might sound silly, but I think it means they’re doing a good job.

Yeah, there is a bit of stress involved. I can’t see playing this without a good set of headphones. Audio cues are a big part of it. I find that I forget how humorous it is once I get some decent supplies and then I’m surrounded by robots in the middle of a village.