Siren 2? (Forbidden Siren 2)

Hasn’t the sequel to Siren been released on the fabled shores of the PAL territories for quite some time? Any word of when or if it will come to the US?

While it was ridiculously hard in places, I thought it was one of the best SH games on the PS2. The style of the game, and the anthropology underlying some of the plot was just fantastically engaging.

I got fed up with it pretty early on. There’s difficult, and then there’s just inaccessibly hard.

For me the trick was connecting it to playing Thief and Thief 2. The game rewarded a very laid back, stealth approach to most missions, force often just wasn’t an option. And there’s no disputing that it was hard, sometimes brutally hard. There was a lot to recommend it though - no health bars, no need to conserve ammo between missions, multiple characters, and an interesting setting/story. Like the original Silent Hill, Siren created this great ambience where you weren’t sure exactly what was happening, but felt that it was an overall logic to the proceedings. Not knowing what the underlying mythos is (as by now we all know what’s happening in Silent Hill, Racoon City and that haunted japanese mansion) was great - you could still be surprised, and the fun of trying to figure out what is going on is still intact.

The backstory was very nicely put together, with appropriate anthropological artifacts, a good understanding of culture, a very detailed teaser website, and a history that was deep and still made sense after you finished the game.

The multiple character perspective, while complex, was used to great effect in that no one’s survival was guaranteed. When you play a game like Silent Hill, where there is one protagonist, you know that Harry is going to make it to the end of the game, or else you’ll see a game over screen. When there are 10 characters on the board, you don’t have that same sense of comfort. Your emotional investment in characters you’ve played is much higher than that in just a random NPC. This let the desingers pull off some very nice moments in the game, and it really varied the emotional tone of the game - sure, there were many moments of tension and horror, but also some real sadness as well. Siren was the Rashomon of Survival Horror.

I liked the idea but there were alot of things that annoyed me about it. The alternate “required” objectives that the game doesn’t give you any real hints about got to me. Also sniper zombies were just plain evil to deal with. I think the furthest I got into the game was I think the fifth mission. I wouldn’t mind playing a sequel though.