Siskel and Ebert Uncensored

The only time protestants get on their knees is to adjust the fucking TV set

Yeah, but how long did those two work with one another? Considering how long they spent with one another, I am willing to give them some slack. None of this seems to be very contemptuous.

I only watched a short bit, but I get the impression they are like an old married couple, and these were a collection of their worst moments.

There is worse sniping on this board between guys who I know like one another.



To be honest I don’t really get any animosity between the two. The beginning seems more like a bit of banter between mates followed by them teaming up and feeding off each other when they get going on protestants.

Really more a case of two mates playing up at work and having a laugh.

That was fantastic.

That’s only because One Another wears a pink beret.

I must have missed the part where they hate each other, though. Looked a lot like two good friends poking fun to me.

That was awesome. Had no idea that Siskel had such a big, shiny, tinfoil hat.

“This week on Siskel …and Ebert …AND the movies …and the asshole.”


“It’s the only religion that has a Reader’s Digest as the fucking bible.”

They both act like prima donna assholes.

Well, if it makes you feel any better one of them is dead and the other is a corpse.

If they were really prima donnas I don’t think the crew would be laughing quit so hard.

Sure they would. I bet they were relieved to see them rip into each other instead of the crew for a change. I’m betting it was a regular thing and good entertainment for them.

That show could have been so much more entertaining.

Oh, I tooooooootally think they hated each other. I saw it on the show often, even when they were still doing Sneak Previews. And then there was the classic time when Ebert had a conniption fit when Siskel gave away the big secret of The Crying Game in a special that was taped in front of a studio audience.

The funny thing is that I always thought Siskel was the asshole. After the opening part of that clip, they may have been more evenly matched.

At the beginning of the show, they really did hate each other. But after 20-30 years of working together, they became great friends.

The whole “WASPs are running the country!” bit was AWESOME.

I saw nothing here but two guys who worked together for years cutting up. Is there supposed to be some controversy?