Sissyfight 2000

Saw something posted about this on the TTLG forums and thought it was pretty funny.

Actually, I’m scared to play it, since I’m not sure which would be worse: winning or losing :)

You’ve never played SissyFight? Pretty fun game, actually. It won a Webby award or something two years ago I think.

No, I’d never heard of it before. I kind of wondered whether it might not be old news around here, though :)

Sissyfight has been out for a while, since 2000 I believe. The main guy behind it, Eric Zimmerman, is a veteran indie developer who is on the lecture circuit a lot and does some interesting stuff (like a personal fave, BliX). Don’t be scared to play Sissyfight because the game is a great chance to talk smack without anyone getting offended because that’s part of the point of the game.

It’s actually fun – I didn’t know about it.

14.9-year-old Kimi was aghast to find out she was playing against two 37-year-olds, though. :-)