Site for sharing downloadable video?

So I’m going to the NASA Tweetup for the STS-135 launch, and I want to set up a site where attendees can share still photos and videos that they shoot at the site. Not Youtube-style “watch it online” sharing, but actually allowing the other folks to download HD mpeg4 files (compressed to some degree, of course).

Hoping if we can get a good “pool” together, I’ll be able to focus more on enjoying the trip than trying to document everything myself. :)

Anyway, anyone know of a good video sharing site that allows downloads? Or a file-sharing/hosting site that might work, as an alternative?

Flickr should work for this.

Does Vimeo allow downloads?

Vimeo allows downloads if you’re a registered user.

If you want to share full-quality files among yourselves, Receivd is a good option.

Vimeo has a nice app too.