Six ways Killzone 3 is better than Homefront

Title Six ways Killzone 3 is better than Homefront
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When March 16, 2011

Killzone 3 (pictured) and Homefront are pretty different. I mean, yeah, they're both shooters with inconsequential sleep-inducing singleplayer campaigns and robust multiplayer support..

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It's good to read something like this... I was actually anticipating Homefront, as it looked like something that was a little different (read, emotionally charged) from the CoD series and looked like it was going to be good. However, now that I see this I realize that I would most likely be better off getting KZ3. Especially since KZ3 has been taunting and mocking me since it came out.

Now, I just have to see if Crysis is any good and I'll be set.

@Chris: you should wait for tomorrow's update before you dive in. :)

You should just write an article called "Killzone 3 and Homefront, the twin pillars of ultimate shooter mediocrity." Both of these games are boring, worthless generic military shooters in a never ending sea of boring, generic military shooters. Both do nothing other than going through the same exact motions that shooters have been going through over and over and over again since Medal of Honor: Allied Assault came out in 2002:

You walk through a series of straight hallways cluttered with random chest high walls, exploding barrels, crates, and pillars ("your critical path" as game journalists call it), while watching various noisy in-engine cutscenes and scripted sequences that happen in the sky-box outside the level ("set piece moments" as game journalists call them).

You slowly walk down each hallway of a level shooting various identical machine guns at various identical men with machine guns, you press the use button to put explosives on AA guns (that seems to be the central theme in video games at this point; AA guns must have explosives put on them), you engage in tiresome rail shooter segments, you get locked in helicopter arenas, and its all over in about 3 or 4 hours of time wasting, toss away, fit the square peg in the square hole gameplay. Neither game deserves to exist.

Jacobo, I agree with your general point, but you're strictly talking about the single player. Both games have pretty good multiplayer, which is what I'm addressing here.

@Tom Chick, I really, really, really, don't care about multiplayer. The people who do have already found their shooter, including yourself.

I love the killzone3 but also really like the homefront! I prefer modern warfare with a little sci-fi ... But killzone is very good.The Homefront gives me a lot of freedom. I love being a sniper andstealth, and homefront is special about it. I also love a game withvehicles.
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