Skate 2: Friday night freeskating and challenges

Any of you guys want to try to do some of the freeskate challenges tonight in Skate 2? It’s been pretty frustrating trying to do them with boneheads who just got the game and don’t understand the concept. Particularly since I have no desire to be the jerk on voice chat saying things like, “You retards aren’t doing it right! Do it like this!”

In case you haven’t tried the challenges yet, they’re little subsections of the freeskate option. You hit the back button and propose a challenge. Anyone in your freeskate game can accept the challenge, which will automatically load you all in an instanced world.

The challenges are things like “Simultaneously grind this rail” or “Get everyone to an average speed of 30mph” or “Everyone do these two tricks within this time limit”. I’m not sure what, if anything, they unlock, but the challenges are definitely tracked as part of the game progression. Some of them seem pretty brutal, but I’d love to knock out some easier ones with people I don’t mind voice-chatting with. In other words, you guys.

I’ll be on as of about 7pm, California time. My gamertag is tomchick.


Aw man, I’m not getting the game until Tuesday or so, and then the hivemind has surely moved on :(

I’d be down for that, but I got it on PS3. For some reason I prefer the DS3 controller for this game.

Anders, I’ll still be playing next week (I plan on running coverage for a blog I do through next week). Also, Blue, I hear you about the PS3 controller. However, since Skate 2 doesn’t use the d-pad for any actual skating, I find it works just fine with a 360 controller.


Yeah, I’m picking up the game tomorrow, but I’d love to check it out online.

I’m getting the game on monday, I’ll try to move on before tuesday but I can’t guarantee it Anders. :)

Thanks to Union Carbide and Uncle Larry for hooking up with me. Sorry I didn’t get back online after having to leave, but I was gone longer than I intended.

I can definitely see the appeal of playing this “co-op” for freeskate challenges. I have no idea what, if anything, you unlock for clearing challenges, but this is a great way to play a skating game multiplayer! I really dig the variety of types of challenges and it should be pretty cool to see how they’re used around different parts of the city. I wonder, for example, if there are any downtown challenges where you also have to contend with the security guards.

I look forward to trying it some more with you guys.


I’ll try to be of assistance next week, then.

Finally ended up in a room with some good players tonight and we had a blast knocking out like 20 challenges. I actually found these more fun than the career challeges.

Man, that sounds great. I officially regret my decision to go with the PS3 version. I wanted the Tony Hawk feel of the dualshock sticks and I assumed I wouldn’t be interested in multiplayer. El wrongo I was.

I’m on PS3 (merryprankster) give me a shout if you want to jump in a session. I also like the PS3 controller more for Skate. (fair warning: I don’t have a mic yet)

I grabbed this tonight so if anyone wants to do some co-op hit me up. Gamertag is CSL GT.

Anyone up for knockin’ back a few freeskate challenges on PSN tonight?

Just picked up the 360 version of this and was wondering if anyone wants to jump in and help me with some of the challenges? My gamertag is merryprankster3.

You can add me and maybe we can play for awhile if you see me on. Gamertag is two down.

I tried to add you CSL but it says two down doesn’t exist as a gamertag.

Whoops meant my gamertag is two posts up.