Skate 3 Roll Call Thread

Quarter to Three team for the XBox:

Quarter to Three team for PS3 Owners Who Push Mongo And Nollie Tre Out Of Bluntslides: Not yet created

Official Site:

Goonskate, for all your skate video hosting needs:

I’ll keep the OP updated as necessary.

Bah :(

Awesome, I can see that there’s a request to join the team, but I can’t see any way to actually ACCEPT the request. EA’s web team sucks balls.

Edit: Aha, it logged me out while I was paging around the site, and then completely disassociated me from my gamertag. EA’s web team still sucks, but just in a different way than I thought.

To be fair, it’s not just that EA’s web team sucks. “Problem connecting with EA Online Services” when attempting to find and join the Qt3 team in-game. Perhaps they didn’t expect people to buy the game.

Edit: ah ha. You can join through the website, in the “profile” section. I blame concussions from Hall of Meat bails.

Got it in the mail today, but may not have time to play much for a while. Deadline for all my schoolwork is six days from now, and there’s a lot of it, and boy howdy would it be nice to graduate and be done with school forever.

I actually got this one for the PS3 (coming in from Amazon tomorrow). I’m out of room on my XBox as long as Just Cause 2 keeps my interest … which is um, forever. :P For that very reason I’m trying to get non-shooty games on the PS3 …

Hear that, MS? I’d be buying your games if your hard drives weren’t offensively priced :P

ahem Anyway, yeah. PS3 user name Comfy_Pants.

Guess you’re going to have to create your own team :D

Is EA network working for anyone? I couldn’t even get online in Shift last night either. I’d love to do some online Skate sessions, but I can’t seem to stay connected. Bit of a bummer.

EA’s online service always shits the bed for a couple of days after a new release that’s even remotely popular.

I’m playing! But I really suck. Like, it’s not even funny how bad I am at skating games in general, and this one in particular. I don’t think I could manual into or out of a trick to save my life.

I really don’t recommend this over Skate 2, though. It’s missing Skate 2’s sense of place. :(


I like Skate 3, particularly for the hardcore mode. It really adds that sense of satisfaction I got from the first Skate game in just landing the simplest tailslide.

I also hope that the online stuff is cool, if the damn thing will ever stay connected to EA network.

I have to agree with you Tom that, at least for someone new to the series, Skate 2 is probably the better option.

Get the USB to LAN network dongle adapter and bury the Comcast tech support guy in your backyard. Wait. Wasn’t I supposed to bail someone out last weekend…

Dude what are you saying… considering the challenges are no longer trick specific (for the most part) this is definitely the one for new players to buy!

Also the fact they changed the cameraman from that annoying Turtle wannabe to some other guy who hardly speaks (thank god).

I know what you’re saying Adree, but Skate 2 is only 20 bucks. I do think Skate 3 is better, but 20 bucks is pretty cheap for a game that is really similar.

Dear EA,

It should never, ever be possible for a pedestrian or AI skater to run into my carefully laid-out objects, or into my path as I’m skating. Ever. NEVER EVER.

Fuck off and die.

But I do like the game. I just wish they’d have fixed that the third time around.

I agree, although one of them skated into my Miracle Whip bottle and bounced off to his doom so it almost made it okay.

Can I hit UnionCarbide upside the head with a skateboard in Skate 2? No.

Skate 3 wins.

I surrender.

You probably could have with gestures, but it wasn’t as easy.

Anyone on the fence who does pick Skate 3 up be sure to go through the tutorial, and either don’t pick “hit the streets” or just teleport back to the skate school and go through the advanced tutorials, you’ll unlock an extra challenge and learn a great deal.

EA needs to get their online shit together, it’s funny that they run their own servers yet they have the worst performance of any XBL game. Not being able to upload a video is annoying (doubly annoying because it has to “process” it each time and then check to see if it can actually connect) but half the time it won’t connect at all to “EA Nation” or get stuck in endless loading screens (sometimes you might regain control after a mere 3 minutes!). This and the halved framerate for created parks really put a damper on my enthusiasm.