Skull & Bones - Ubisoft Singapore, multiplayer pirate ship battles

Oh? You haven’t! Go play it, you …eh…person! Its REALLY, really good, and in my opinion, not only one of the best Assassins Creed games, but also one of Ubisofts best games. The story is really good in this one, and the characters are amazing.

I am not scared to admit I had difficulty keeping it together when the end credits rolled. Thats quite rare for me in videogames, but this? Amazing payoff!

And the sea shanties? Oh my god, so good! And the end song? gosh…!


Black flag had too many damn ubistuff islands.

No, YOU have too damn many ubistuff islands!

I am playing Black Flag (not this, and not this, though). Once I tweaked the graphics settings along the lines someone on the Steam forums suggested, it runs nicely and while it feels a bit clunky compared to, say, Odyssey or Valhalla, it’s perfectly fine in a technical sense. The atmosphere is quite cool, and it’s great silliness in true AC fashion. Even the Abstergo stuff is better integrated than in some more recent games in the series.

Looks like they took about 15% of AC4 Black Flag and tried to stretch it into a full priced game. And apparently you can’t even board ships like in AC4 - it’s just a cutscene now.

It looks bad.

Bold move! $70 price tag.

New norm hahahahaahahaa okay

I didn’t realise Skull & Bones was a big AAA game…

not sure why this is even news, several other devs have been doing $70 for more than a year already. sucks but prices for games have gone down not up for years so it’s all been a bit weird in my eyes. I paid $60 for NES games in the 80’s, yet XBox games were $60 until last year. Meanwhile PC games kept dropping to half that for new releases. Made/makes no sense to me overall.

The shift to digital delivery has thrown a wrench into the conventional economics of media I think. The price we paid for music, then movies, then games was never really tied very closely to the cost of the physical media. Yet when the physical media went away there were a fair number of folks speculating that the prices should drop as there were no longer physical goods to pay for. Instead, we got something like chaos, where prices sometimes went down, sometimes went up, and sometimes stayed the same.

The physical media sort of provided a baseline for pricing, independent of its actual cost. People “knew” how much a record or a CD was worth, at some level, and while they didn’t want to pay more when things went digital, they were not dismayed really when prices stayed the same. Unconsciously perhaps we were understanding finally that we were paying what the market felt the content was worth, independent of the distribution medium. Perhaps the same is happening with games now that digital distro is pretty much the dominant method to get games in people’s hands.

Of course, there is nowhere near the same level of consensus about “worth” around games that there seemingly was around albums. The tiering of game pricing is much more pronounced than in music, and has been going on since before digital too. Without the floppy/CD/DVD to provide a sort of reference point, games are free to fluctuate based on market determinations of their worth as content, rather than as “this box with something in it.” And that probably means a lot of volatility.

I’d say “by the time this launches, nobody will care about it” but honestly it feels like we’re already at that point.

Many of us were there already when it was announced….

I am sure 6 more months will fix this sinking ship of a game.

Maybe they should port it to Stadia! That’ll fix things.

under NDA so can’t discuss anything, but I have played all day and didn’t regret a single minute of it. Looking forward to launch.

Wow, thats rather surprising after the endless development rollercoaster! Curious to hear more when the NDA drops.

Ended up with 15 hour session. Loved it