Skull & Bones - Ubisoft Singapore, multiplayer pirate ship battles

Follow-up article that is more centered on the studio culture rather than the project itself.



Some interesting info here about the release and what to expect:

Wow, if nothing else, I’m impressed/amused by their apparently good communication skills/practices. Was already intrigued and that bumps up my interest a bit.

I’d like to know how something that seems so simple “take this part of Assassin’s Creed that everyone loved, make a game about it”, turns into this multi year, around and around we go story.

Probably has a large amount of “this idea can’t make all the moneys, it needs to make all the moneys, throw more buzzwords at it”.

Skulls or Bones would have been doable, but they always want everything.

Its hard to make ubistuff when you are on a boat maybe?

I forget if Black Flag had tons of Ubistuff, I do recall lots of tiny boring islands.

Well, here it is.

The skull and bones underwear website will get a ton of hits from this game. Don’t leave off “games” from the url folks, haha.

Anyway, the graphics are pretty so I signed up for the live test. No mention of any SP story campaigns though, eh? This is basically Ubi’s version of Sea of Thieves?

Seems more like a multiplayer focused Pirates!

Some of it looks reasonably pretty but some looks godawful, especially the resource gathering

thought it looked really good, just think they are missing the boat not making it f2p since the biggest competition is Sea of Thieves.

Countdown to servers going offline…

Yes, but maybe they used their time to create some really compelling NFT-based gameplay!

Is this true?

no, just the strong hate of Ubi on this forum coming through in lots of cynical sarcastic ways.

Oh - thats a shame. But yeah, thats prevalent in a lot of threads here these days.

Ran across some videos for this today:

Not having played Black Flag or Sea of Thieves, my only touchpoint was Pirates of the Burning Seas, and the whole time I watched this I was trying to figure out what this brings to the table. I can’t figure it out.

$60 for the base game and something like $99 for a special version. Launching November 8.