They’ve said if this sells well on console, they will do a Steam version of this game. With GGPO netcode and being an American game, I think they actually mean it.

As for KOF- that comes out in November, picking that up also. Another fighting game delayed unfortunately (was supposed to be October) I’m just hoping UMVC3 is terrible so people try KOF.

The development team for this is 4 programmers and 4 artists (I forget exactly, its an incredibly small team). I’m not sure exactly. They’re really cool dudes, and considering the state of the industry in LA I think this is the kind of project that deserves support.

I really want this game to do well (mostly because a friend of mine from college is one of the programmers).

Some nice gameplay video and developer commentary on this week’s Wednesday Night Fights (I think they showed a bunch last week too) . Skullgirls content is from about 20 min mark to 60 min mark.

I’m someone who really likes the team gameplay systems of MvC3, but I find the pace too frantic. This game looks like MvC at a more deliberate Street Fighter kind of pace. I’m excited for this.

You can say that again. Nude Chun-Li vs Giant Squid. (NSFW if it’s not already obvious)

Release date confirmed for 4/11. $15

Wednesday is almost here! Can’t wait. For those of you looking for something to tide you over before the game releases, here’sa bunch of tournament footage from the game. Some well played matches. The Skullgirls stuff starts around 2:05.

IGN likes it.

Very much looking forward to trying this.

Same here. I’ve really enjoyed KOF13, but I’m ready for something new.

Love the artstyle, just hope I end up liking the gameplay (it’s sorta out of my element)

Just downloaded it. Love the music and art. The game looked a little choppy to me on pre-release streams, but the animation is actually very fluid and looks great. I’m only going through the tutorial so far, and it is easily the best tutorial I’ve seen in a fighting game. Explains the fundamentals in a way that most fighting games don’t bother to. Very cool.

The thing that kind of sucks is there is no move list anywhere in the game. I’m doing a tutorial now that asks me to cancel a move into a special move, but it doesn’t tell me how to do the special move! It did tell me how to do the move in a previous tutorial, but that was one of the early tutorials which I did a while ago.

Downloading right now as I eat breakfast.

I’ve got pretty much the entire day free, so if anyone wants to play some games, let me know.

They admitted that got cut , and said doing it right would delay the release, so they hope to put it in later.

This game is hard, I got no idea what I’m doing at all, cause this is way out of my element. I can tell there’s goodness in here, I just don’t know if I’ll be able to access enough of it to enjoy the game for months on end.

I have a prediction this game will sell well (for its budget/goals) , but not be played all that much outside of tournaments because of how unique it is scaring people off. It’s the same problem Virtua Fighter and King of Fighters have as well (though I think KOF’s problem was cured with XIII being received so well)

I love Peacock’s quotes though

It seems pretty similar to MvC3, which I played for a few months, so this isn’t all that foreign to me. It has some interesting twists on the format, like using any attack in the game as an assist and allowing players to choose how many characters they want on the team. I can see people getting into this game, especially fans of the Marvel series. MvC3 is way to frantic for me, but this game seems to be played at a more relaxed pace. Though, I’m still just dicking around in the tutorials right now, so maybe I’ll change my tune when I actually start playing.

Also the training mode has some really cool features. Can turn on hitbox displays and a meter that counts down hit stun. That’s brilliant!

Oddly, there doesn’t seem to be block settings in training mode. No auto block makes it harder to practice links and no all block means how am I supposed to figure out what moves are safe on block.

Second game to ever give me minor hand cramps… The other one took several days of playing it, but this one did in while was doing the tutorial.

I was/am really interested since the tutorial has been hyped up, apparently it is also an introduction to the genre as a whole and not only skullgirls-specific, but I don’t have a stick, so this might not be the best time to play it.

As expected, people online playing ranked matches are… oddly good, particularly given the game hasn’t even been out a day yet. It would appear that I’m playing all the tournament pros who gave their input to the game given how many 20-hit combos I’m eating.

The tutorial is all of the former and little of the latter. It’s a little disappointing, though not bad, and expanding on it is on their to-do list.

Curiously, the tutorial doesn’t tell you anything about push blocking. This is an important concept, and I didn’t even know it existed until the computer did it to me! For those that don’t know, to do this you press all 3 punch buttons when you are in block stun. This pushes the opponent backwards and is helpful when someone is in your face pressuring you. In MvC3, it also reduces chip damage but I don’t know if it works the same way here.

The music in this game is so good. I have the game on next to me while I’m working and I’m just jamming along to the music.

The soundtrack is supposed to be released soon.

This game is very good, IF you like big combo games. If you don’t, then its appeal is more limited. Peacock’s voices and stuff are hilarious though, I can’t think of a fighting game that has ever made me laugh like this one has. It’s making me rage in ways KOF didn’t though.

Cool article about Skullgirls’ publisher, Autumn Games. They seem to be a company that really “gets it” and I find their approach refreshing in an industry that is starting to become too big business for its own good.

As for Skullgirls, this game has been a real pleasure for me in the past week I’ve spent with it. I adore the overall presentation - the art, characters, music, and storyline are all fantastic. It is rare that fighting game fans get to experience a totally new IP these days, let alone something as well produced as this one. I’m hoping this game becomes successful enough that we get to see the Skullgirls world continue to flesh itself out in other games.

The game would be worth the $15 to me solely for the reasons stated in the previous paragraph, but it turns out the gameplay is really good too. The game took some flak for only having 8 characters on release, but I feel like these 8 characters have as much variety, and probably more personality than the whole enormous cast of SFxT. There are a lot of fun and creative mechanics that are unique to different characters - Ms. Fortune’s ability to remove her head and attack with it separately from her body, Double’s super that basically turns her into a Gradius boss for a period of time, Valentine’s syringe projectiles that afflict the enemy with various debuffs such as increased hitstun (to open up combo possibilities) and delaying their inputs, Painwheel’s normal attacks that can be charged up by holding the button to make her briefly invulnerable. The combo system is wide open and a lot of fun to play around with, and I’m impressed by some of the stuff that people are coming up with. There’s also a good amount of depth to the team construction in this game, as you can arm your teammates with any move they have as an assist.

So yeah, check out Skullgirls if you havent already. It’s a good time. Even if you only want to mess around with single player stuff, I think you can have a good time just going through the story mode with each character.