Skulls of the Shogun - TBS genre

Haven’t heard any talk of Skulls of the Shogun (TBS genre) being released this week on Xbox LIVE Arcade, Surface, Windows 8, and Windows Phone. The latest coverage on Giant Bomb is from June 2010! What’s the deal with this title?

It’s Win 8 exclusive, so that’s what happened.

In your own sentence is the key, available for Windows 8… and not Windows xp, vista or 7.

fake edit: damnit Telefrog!

Cue developer-post-mortem of it tanking.

I think Edge magazine reviewed it a few months ago and gave it a 7.

That might be true, if it weren’t also available on Xbox LIVE Arcade, which is a sizable market.

Four reviews thus far noted on Metacritic (90, 85, 80, and 70), two of which (90 and 85) from 2013. I’ll have to keep my eye on the reviews.

Unfortunately, the story with this game became “Skulls of the Shogun is going to be the first Win 8 exlcusive” instead of whether or not it’s a good game.

Unfortunately for the game, for a lot of PC gamers, “it’s exclusive to Windows 8” is an easy answer to the question of whether or not it’s good.

A couple of podcasts I listened to last week hinted at an embargo that’s preventing them from detailing anything until this week, so I expect a lot of discussion to start soon.

Why on Earth would the developers shoot themselves in the foot like this?

Skulls? Does the Shogun have two heads or something?

I think he’s like Dhalsim and wears skulls around his neck. Probably the skulls of his enemies, though, not the skulls of dead children from his village.

Really? You don’t think that bag would be 3 or 4 times bigger if they came out with a version that was Vista/Win 7 compatible?

I guess they settled for the bag of money from Microsoft before they could find out.

Doubtful. Besides, the moneyhat from MS to make the game Win 8 only was undoubtedly part of their publishing agreement. To an indi dev that up front money could be the thing keeping them employed.

I was just thinking in terms of sales, not bribes from Microsoft - but I guess that makes sense.

Just like almost every XBLA Microsoft title this game will be available on Steam for Win7 sometime in the future, the difference this time is that there is a win8 version at launch.

Does the XBox 360 run WinRT?
If so, a Win7 version is much less likely, as the game would almost have to be reprogrammed from the ground up.