Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Has anyone seen this trailer? I saw it at the theater this weekend and it looks pretty cool. Unfortunately, they had the sound fucked up so we heard Tom Jones doing some slightly above average cover song throughout the entire preview instead of the studio’s trailer music.

50’s comic booky feel and look. Giant robots, barn storming, planes being chased by some nutty winged vehicles, white pilot scarves. ON secong thought, the preview might have been good because of the Tom Jones jammin’

Well, shit. I did a search for Sky Captain, but since I don’t go to the movies much I only breeze through this section of the boards. Didn’t think I cared about Crimson Skies: The MOvie when that one was floating about.

Shoulda know nothing gets past this bunch. Thanks Horde.

There’s an interesting backstory about this movie that those crazy cowboys at Slashdot have been kind enough to quote in full. (Just scroll down a bit.)