Sky High

Went to see this movie over the weekend and I suprisingly enjoyed it. Definitely geared toward the kid audience, it had enough laughs into it to make it worth watching, imo.

How can you not love a guy who’s superpower is to glow in the dark, or another’s who is to melt?

The kid in me came out watching this movie and I enjoyed the ride. Also, did anyone else think “Leisure Suit” when Larry introduced himself?

Those are like Golden Age superpowers. I mean Doc Midnight could like, umm…see in the dark and stuff. That was his “power”! And, what’s worse, he couldn’t see in the light very well, so they even gave him a weakness, when his whole power is to be able to see in the stinkin dark!

“I shovel well. I shovel very well.”

I watched the clip (on iFilm IIRC) with Bruce Campbell as the gym teacher sorting out students as either “Heroes” or “Sidekicks” based on their powers. Pretty funny, and a bonus that it’s Bruce Campbell, and he rocks.

It was utterly predictable, with no “twist” being a surprise. However, the execution of that movie was excellent, and that made it entertaining. The performances, the in-jokes (Kurt Russell saying “There’s big trouble… in downtown”), the soundtrack of covers of 80s high school teen films… that made it good. Add superpowers, Bruce Campbell and a couple of Kids in the Hall and you’ve got great.

Took my wife and daughter to see it last night. It was totally predictable from an adult point of view, but my daughter was absolutely engrossed the entire time. She loved it.

Not a single fart joke in the entire movie. How many kids’ movies can claim that?

Oh, and the soundtrack is all '80s songs redone by today’s artists. They sounded pretty damn good, too. I might actually buy that one.

Plus, Lynda Carter is still hot. Jesus.

Good flick for what it was. The predictability makes no difference. When my daughter has kids, the same movie will be made, but the school will be on the Sun and everyone will be 20 feet tall and the sidekick powers will be what hero powers were in this one and the Hero powers will be things like creating planets or repealing Roe v. Wade, but it will still be enjoyable.

EDIT: What dumb ass spells hero: “heroe” and twice at that!!

“Holy ___, ____ man!”