Skyboats Now Has It's Own Thread

The latest from BrainGoodGames is another PvE puzzle game and may be their craftiest yet. I never played a lot of Militia, but really liked Axes & Acres a whole lot, and I think I’m coming to like this more.

Like the previous title, each map requires you to collect x VP’s in y turns or less. You do this by collecting commodities (bananas, asparagus, carrots, and rubies(?)) in your skyboats, use them to create patterns of wind currents, and glide along those currents to the cities that demand them. You have fuel to use in an emergency, but the game really encourages you to use the winds, since as you do so VP multipliers start kicking in.

You can also fill contracts for additional Victory Points and purchase upgrades for your Skyboats that further allow you to change the environment.

No AI to speak of, but tons of replayability. Not only is there a random map generated at the start of a level, but the map evolved in-game as well, with new commodities and demands placed each turn. The randomization is the best part, since you never really hit a brick wall with only one solution. Sometimes you just have to restart a level several times before hitting the perfect storm of map, commodity placement, powers, and demands that will make victory easier to reach.

Highly recommended.

Curse you and @LordGek for your positive feedback on this game! As a result, it’ll remain on my wishlist.

I’ve only just cleared the tutorial so far myself, but I like what I’ve seen so far and I do enjoy the work of BrainGoodGames.

What other game has you making Wind Magic out of Asparagus?

Besides real life, you mean?

I love this game, but the tutorial is not complete and there’s no other documentation, so I thought I’d share some things I learned by accident that make Skyboats a little easier:

  1. When you end your turn, the amount of fuel you get back comes from unused,
    open cargo slots

  2. You don’t have to end your turn to refuel. Cliicking on those slots allows you to refuel manually.

  3. Commodities can be played anywhere on the board to create a wind
    current. New currents DO NOT need to start with one of your boats.

  4. You can’t place a wind current over a city. When placing a new current, any arrow that would appear over a city is lost.