Skydiver falls 20000ft, both chutes fail, lives. Video

Wow. It is apparently the week to survive freakish aerial disasters.

Paraglider survives being sucked into storm that took her higher than Everest, encased her in ice

Where is the video link? I just see the news article and a statement about “Now watch this incredible footage” then a link about reading an interview.

For which story?

— Alan

Not to nitpick, but he was “only” going 80mph, where 120mph is roughly terminal velocity. He was being slowed and spun by the collapsed 'chute. Still amazing, but not quite surviving a true free fall.


And then a guy in town fell off his roof recently, 1.5 stories, and died. Guess he’d have been better off if a plane

Wasn’t there one just recently of a guy who fell like 8 stories and lived?

— Alan

And don’t miss this quote at the bottom:

A British team member earlier this month survived an attack by two wild eagles which sent her canopy plummeting while flying in the same area ahead of the championships.

The eagles were just trying to save her from being sucked up into the clouds.

Quoted for humor.

They’re the dolphins of the air.