Skyfall - Mendes Does Bond

The new 007 film is titled Skyfall.

I’m a so-so fan of Bond films, but the fact that Sam Mendes is helming the new one has me intrigued. Got a pretty hefty budget, too.

I doubt we’ll get a scene of Bond masturbating in a shower, though.

Bethesda is suing them for making a compound word with sky.

Hahaha. Seriously though, this is excellent. VERY excited about a new Bond film.

And don’t forget “fall”




Damnit. I assume this means the script I wrote: “Daggerrim: the 007 Saga” didn’t make the cut.

They should have gone with Skyfall: Arena

Teaser trailer is out.

Interest piqued.

So glad Mendes went with Roger Deakins for this. His work here looks really great, and I think he could elevate the Bond movie to another level.

Yeah, the photography jumped out at me in that teaser. I’m sure Mendes can handle the dramatic parts and Deakins knows how to shoot something, so here’s hoping the action itself also turns out well.

Wait, wait, wait.

Was that an option?

As long as we can actually see it, instead of the beyond-Bourne level shaking from Quantum of Solace (almost the only thing I remember about that movie), I’ll be happy.

Hey, it also had that awesome staging of Tosca.

They better not have another four years between this movie and the next. Craig looks noticeably older to me now, even though he’s only 44.

30-second Olympics teaser:

— Alan

I thought this movie had the Queen parachuting out of a helicopter with Bond.

International Trailer:

Didn’t know Javier Bardem was in this…awesome.

That looks pretty damn good.

That trailer made me tingly all over.

It puts the tux jacket over the holster, or it gets the hose again.

And a non-international trailer here.

I didn’t recognize Javier Bardiem. For some reason I thought it was either Chris Kattan or Jean-Claude Van Damme, either of which would have made a memorable non-traditional Bond villain.

One of the Bond Girls, Naomie Harris, was good in 28 Days Later and great in a brief scene in Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story.