Skyfire Browser for Windows Mobile

Desktop-style browser, Youtube/flash support, etc. Definitely recommended over Pocket IE for those here with Windows Mobile phones.

It’s in beta now, I signed up and got my code in a few weeks.

Not really so hot, though. Has little provision for fitting stuff like Qt3 Forums to a readable area.

Signed up, but it’s not yet available for Canadians, unfortunately.

And my HTC s720 won’t run MiniOpera either, so I’m stuck with PIE.

True, but it’s infinitely better than PIE. Forums are just hard to do on mobile phones, even on Mobile Safari.

I use Opera Mini on my 2125, and while not ideal, it works pretty well. I’m surprised it won’t run on that HTC.

Thanks for the link. I’ll take a look at it on my Samsung. Pocket IE is kind of retarded in operation. I do wish there was a solution for forums though. It’s the one big thing I miss when I travel. :(

You can set the forums to have name on top, post on the bottom to save space. It’s a resolution issue more than anything else.