Skype on iPhone in Europe

Does anyone have experience using Skype on an iPhone in Europe to call back to the US? My wife’s going to Germany for a week, and I think Skype is the best and cheapest way she can call me if wifi is available, but I’m worried about surprise charges on our phone bill. We use AT&T.

Thanks in advance!

If she’s on WiFi it’s fine, if not she’s going to get reamed by her telco.
Unless you Americans have special data plans that are cheap abroad… ours aren’t.

We don’t have special data plans that I’ve been able to find.

I used it last year in Switzerland - just use it on wifi and there should be no problem; it worked great.

I’ve used Skype on the iPhone in Spain, France, and Germany. It works great. If she just plans on calling you and you will be using Skype, she just needs a WiFi access for a Skype-to-Skype call.

If she is going to call your home or cell number she’ll need to buy “Skype Credit”. $10 last a long time. Skype Credit is also useful for calling numbers in Germany with Skype like hotels, restaurants, and friends.

I’m worried about surprise charges on our phone bill. We use AT&T.

To avoid getting charged by AT&T (or any US cellular company) for using cellular data in Europe, turn off Cellular Data in Settings before the plane takes off in the U.S. This will prevent any App (Mail, Maps, Safari, Skype) from using cellular data and giving you a surprise on your monthly bill. Of course none of those apps will be able to get data unless your wife is connected to Wifi.

Settings>General>Network>Cellular Data

Just remember to turn it on again once your are back in the US.

Thanks so much!