Anyone wanna do a test call with me to see if I have this set up correctly? Email me at [email protected]

Just phone the answering machine. It’s in the sound setup options.

What ports do I need to open or any other adjustments do I need to make to my firewall to get it to work?

It works sans firewall adjustments. I’ve never had any issues with it as far as firewalling.

I am a silly man. My problem port-wise is with my Logitech Webcam. Sypke won’t work because the webcam fails its net access test.

So! What ports do you need to open to get your webcam to work?

I didn’t have to open any powers to get my webcam working… It’s a Logitech Quickcam 5000.

Are you using the beta 2.0 software which allows the video conferencing?