Skype has released a new feature called skypecasts that allow for 100 callers to be on the same call. As chaotic as that sounds, I think the originator of the call acts as a moderator, muting everyone and ‘passing the microphone’ to individuals who wish to speak.

I’d love to listen to a Quarter to Three skypecast hosted by Tom. He could easily fill up the room to 100 and then hopefully record the show and post it online for the people who weren’t able to listen in person.

This + the fact that eBay owns Skype = Skycast Auctions.

“Do I hear 1 dollah, 1 dollah, 1 dollah, 1 dollah? 1 dollah! Do I have 2 dollah, 2 dollah, 2 dollah…”


Or maybe not ;)