Skyrim director's cut: devilishly good details

Title Skyrim director's cut: devilishly good details
Author Chris Hornbostel
Posted in Game diaries
When December 24, 2012

I know that the hunter's camp I'm looking for is around here somewhere. Twain, budding assassin that he is, has a Brotherhood contract and the fellow he's supposed to kill is at that camp..

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This is boring. Chris, your boring.


sweet merciful crap... every time I think I've got all the mods I could ever possibly need, someone points out another half dozen that are basically essential to immersion.

Chris, you must must must do this with Fallout Vegas... Or Even Fallout.

He's doing a rather decent series introducing a variety of mods, you damn curmudgeon.

At least he knows how to spell.

Awesome series, its giving me that Skyrim itch again. Any chance of a list of all the mods you went with the end?

I'll still grant his point. Actually this diary in my head was sort of planned out at 5 entries, but after all that I still wanted to blabber on some more about some of the little mods that don't make for real compelling pieces of story, but go into completely enhancing the experience.

If you'd ever seen the first few drafts of any of my diary entries you might disagree...;)

Don't the mana, health, and stamina bars already fade out when full in the base game?

You mean I posted a typo?! I must be a terrible person, there is simply no other explanation. One would think I didn't know the difference between a contraction and a second person possessive adjective. Time for seppuku. At least Chris took it in good humor...

It seems like you didn't take it personally, a miracle on the Internet, and I am glad as I certainly did not mean it as a personal attack. I thought perhaps the lighthearted tone and Family Guy reference would make that obvious but at least you know you have some fervent supporters here on QT3. Now I am paranoid to make another typo, as I am sure it will be used as evidence at my trial...

Who says you get a trial?

Yes. Apparently they disappear "faster" with this mod.

That I can understand as authors sometimes get pretty sensitive about their work. Still people need to lighten up, especially on the series of tubes.

I loved this series, and would have read the more in-depth 5 articles. I hope you write more like this!