skyrim in 2020 - who's still playing?

Starting in my christmas holidays, I fell into the deep, deep hole that is Skyrim. I never really played it on PC before, only on Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and a little bit on the Switch.

Its glorious - I finally figured out to get a 2K resolution. I don’t have many mods though - just a few to add more armors and weapons, the Ordinator one for skills, a few citymods and a 2K textures mod.

It just looks incredible on my 55’ tv!

So - anyone besides me still putting hours into this? I am probably well over 1000 hours by now, but still find things I’ve never seen before!

Started a playthrough a few weeks ago, I’m still putzing around, have now discovered all cities. I can’t remember quest takes you to Altland? Afland? The deep Dwemer ruin. I’m looking forward to that.

Are you using any kind of Mods? I’ve been thinking about a new playthrough, without mods, to get all Achievements! Also, I ALWAYS focus on smithing, and it would be interesting to NOT focus on those - and maybe see if it in ANY way is possible to make anything other than a sneaking archer.

I’m using shittons of mods. Mostly role playing stuff like camping, and also Inigo the Khajit now, who is very cool.

I’ve got a run going! Doing Legacy of the Dragonborn V5. It’s pretty cool, but poorly documented. For example, it took me forever to figure out where all my Nightingale armor was going. And my Daedric artifacts before that. There’s a whole Wiki for it, but it’s for V4 and for whatever reason V5 changed everything. So the Wiki is mostly useless.

I’m also using Ordinator.

I love Skyrim, but I’m sooo done with Dwemer ruins and Falmer. I really dislike them. Blackreach is always a nightmare.

I should go back at some point. I played on the 360 back in the day. I think I had about 120 hours or so. I had discovered 4 cities so far, and had a lot of fun. I didn’t make much progress in the main quest yet.

I was waiting for the remastered Skyrim to come down in price. By re-releasing the game, Bethesda gave new life to their price curve.

I still load it from time to time just to wander the gameworld. I want to go back to that crazy underground place accessible by one of the Dwemer ruins, but I can’t remember how to get there. Might be a fun self-imposed quest to try to get back there without using WikiElderScrollsia.

I should probably reinstall , I recall getting the upgraded edition for free/cheap. And I know other than finishing the main story, I easily had 30%-40% of the map still to discover.

I looked at playing again a few months ago, but it doesn’t support ultra wide. I suppose there is a mod for that?

That’s the one I’m looking forward to! A legit huge dungeon with some pretty solid enemies and a whole theme. I THINK it’s under Aftland, or something like that, near Winterhold.

If I could promise myself that I would actually play the game and not mod until I forgot what I modded, I would play. It’s really a sickness.

Flawless Widescreen used to fix that but I think there’s something newer now.

Been looking around, supposedly it’s as simple as an /ini edit and then everything scales fine.

Ah, Skyrim. Possibly the game I’ve restarted the most times, ever.

I got about 20 hours in each of the first 5 or 6 starts. Then there were those other few times I managed to get about 30 hours in. Then I got the remastered Xbox One edition when that came out and actually managed to put in a huge chunk of time. I was playing the vampire DLC last and having fun with my new undead team mate. That was about a year ago.

I’m sure I will get back to it sometime in the next few months but no way in hell I am starting over THIS time. But really, I just want the next ES game already. OR a Morrowind remake.

What are the essential QoL mods? Is SkyUI still a thing?

This thread made me think of this, which I haven’t bothered to check out:

I’ve put hundreds of hours into Skyrim on a variety of platforms. I thought I was burned out on it until I tried the VR edition. The game feels completely different and truly immersive. Swinging a sword or axe is kinda silly (there’s no weight to it) but playing an archer is extremely satisfying. I play standing up so I burn a few calories too.

No lollygagging.

Hold your horses! I’m still on Morrowind!

Every few months I still fire it up for a while. Love Skyrim so much, easily 500 hours between the original and the Special Edition I got free when it dropped. I doubt it’ll never NOT have room on my hard drive.

Damn if I didn’t love Morrowind, too. I keep hearing about attempts to recreate Morrowind in the Skyrim engine, and I would be all over that shit.