skyrim in 2020 - who's still playing?

This one?

I got it from Workshop, so it was this one:

Can you add mods on top of that mod pack? I am thinking of trying that mod out as soon as I am done with my current Total Warhammer II game.

Yes, you end up with a fully configured and ready to go Mod Organizer 2 setup. However it’s not supported, and if you do, don’t ask the discord for help - they don’t want to provide support for that. Just depends on the mod and what it modifies whether it will be easy or not.

I have added mods to it, but it’s all the supported additions like havok fps cap and ultrawide support.

Ok, thanks. I may install this stuff later today. I guess I just download that wabbajack.exe and then some kind of mod profile thing and run it. The offical page doesn’t really give any instructions. It also says you need a premium nexus account. Is this true?

Yes, it requires a Premium Nexus account.

For Skyrim wabbajack has two good installs, Lexy and TSO. For TSO go here and you fill find the readme, which will tell you what to do.

I used Wabbajack for “The Ultimate VR Hybrid List” pack and it worked wonderfully… A hour or two later, and 400+ mods and I’m all decked out in VR =)

Sorry if this is covered upthread, a quick scan didn’t find it.

Is it worth rebuying this game again for VR? Does VR add significantly / is the implementation polished?

I am susceptible to VR sickness. Cockpit games are OK. Is the movement in this nausea inducing? Does it require the hand controllers? Does it suffer from original low Oculus resolution? Finally, does it bring anything to the table as far as combat?

I’ll do other research, but I do always appreciate the Q23 perspective.


Here’s my perspective:

*The movement does not bother me and I play on smooth mode, not teleport. That being said it DOES bother other people that have tried it out and had movement issues in VR. So this might be an issue for you.
*The implementation is not polished. It is better then FO4, but not significantly. That being said, VR in an open sandbox game helps me overlook some of the jenk because that is just…plain…cool.
*It does require the hand controllers and that is one thing the implementation does really well. Since your hands are free you can use two weapons on separate mobs with ease. You can cast spells and completely opposite directions. You can use both hands to shoot and aim your bow. Very nifty!
*I have a Rift S, so not sure about any OG issues.

I am just starting to play that total skyrim overhaul. It seems to be installed correctly, but every time I load a game, it says something to the effect that the race I have chosen may not have had it health regen removed, and to please check it.

My toon most definitely does not regen health outside of eating food or potions. Is there a fix for this or is this a known issue.?

Also, has anyone tweaked the monster / player damage? It defaults to 75% player damage and 350% monster damage. That seems a bit extreem. Wolves will one-shot me. I think anything will do that.

TSO includes Requiem, right? Pretty sure Requiem removes health regen, and it might even change the damage given and received.

Yeah, its not the fact that I have no health regen, its the fact that it keeps popping a warning each time I load about something not working right with regaurd to races and disabled regen.

Wabbajack is awesome when it works. You have to jump on a new release as soon as it’s out, because with so many mods, one of them is going to get updated and then the install fails on that file. It’s happened to me the last two times I tried to do the mod list, then again this morning when I was trying to do the hybrid VR one. Still, it’s amazing when it works. You can eliminate hours and hours just from running the program.

So, after considering both of the current hotness mod packs from Wabbajack, I ended up installing Lexy’s LOTD. I am currently dying an awful lot to bandits, and the guide says to exit the game and restart completely after every death. Is that really necessary? Really cuts down on experimentation if you have to re-lauch 593 mods every time you screw up…What do you guys do?

P.S. I am still messing around with the VR Hybrid, but it isn’t easy playing that for more then an hour…

This thread has prompted me to try Skyrim SE which I only ever played briefly. I decided a wanted a fairly “clean” lightly modded experience and so I’m just playing the base SE with less than 10 mods. I’m running the SE Legendary patch, the Acquisitive Soul Gems mods, and a couple of modest magic re-balance mods (Better Magic and it’s sister mod). So far, it’s been extremely stable and the SE is actually a nice graphical upgrade over the base game (since I never really fine tuned my old graphic mods). No SkyUI, no SKSE, no deep customization of leveling, just a slightly rebalanced SE to make magic less weak in the late game. I’m enjoying it greatly so far; it’s a refreshing change from my prior heavily modded pretty-much-cheating type games.

In specific the SE really “pops” the colors out and the game just looks good IMO.

I finally got around to exploring Legacy of the Dragonborn, and it’s amazing. Especially the player housing, which has automated sorting systems for loot which is like catnip to me. I think I died and went to heaven.

The TSO modlist is similarly incredible in the visuals department, but it also brings my system frequently to it’s knees (6700k + 2080).

Oh, and it’s absurdly hard. Just making it to level 17 as a nord warrior has been journey in and of itself. Recommended for masochists only (or those much better than myself at deconstructing impossibly poorly documented game systems)

2 crashes over 40+ hours, so vastly improved from what I remember with my earlier modding experience.

I am playing that Total Skyrim overhaul mod pack. It is really tough and it really reminds me of how much requiem pisses me off sometimes. My character is a criminal because I had to kill some NPC for a quest. Now the shrines will not cure diseases anymore. I do not know if there is a way to fix that. I had to cheat in a bunch of cure disease potions.

Also started a house, and guess what, no stone or clay mines… Fuck you requiem.

Even though I turned enemy damage down from 350% to 125%, I still regularly get one shotted, although I have progressed to the point that where a level 3 wolf now takes between 2 and 3 hits to kill me instead of being instant death.

I have dual cast talents in several trees, but can’t actually dual cast any spells because apparently you need like a billion manna to do so.

I wanted to play a destruction mage, but all destruction spells other than fire can’t kill anything, also every spell has a windup time. Caster companion suck, especially if they summon stuff, because their summons last like 4 seconds.

Gah, why am I playing this? The problem is that normal skyrim is too easy, even on hard mode.

It’s pretty insane. I am loving it though, because it forces me to visit so many different places and collect everything just to scrape by.

I went pure melee, which is it’s own set of challenges. Now that I am level 18 I don’t get taken out in one shot, but that’s with heavy armor.

I would check out the Lexy wabbajack modlist, it’s apparently a lot less masochistic but requires dealing with weather, temperature, and other survival aspects that you may or may not like. It was also recently updated but it doesn’t look quite as good as TSO, but it’s also correspondingly less resource intensive.

I keep seeing Legacy of the Dragonborn mentioned as a mainstay of these wabbajack lists. What’s the appeal of that mod? When I checked it out on Nexus it looked like the exemplar for feature bloat.

There is a lot of unique stuff you can obtain during the game that the game doesn’t really give you anything to do with, nor does it acknowledge when you collect them. The appeal of Legacy of the Dragonborn, for me, is that it fixes that.