skyrim in 2020 - who's still playing?

Not playing. Haven’t played in a long while.

Although Skyrim was the first Elder Scrolls game where I made multiple characters to focus on different parts of the game.

I actually started hating the idea of doing all the faction/quild quests on a single character because it doesn’t make sense to be the Master of the Mage Guild, Fighters Guild, Thieves Guild, etc simultaneous when you can’t spec your character across all those disciplines.

So I made fresh characters to run through those guild chains from the start of the game so the characters are appropriately skilled. Then I retired them after finishing all the guild quests. Character done.

I used to be an adventurer like you folks, then I got an arrow to the knee.

I have it installed, and between the original version and Skyrim Special edition, I have over 1000 hours played. It has been months since I have played it though. I have several characters at various levels. I wanted to do the vampire stuff by joining them since I have never done that, however, It just doesn’t hold my interest anymore. I play with a bunch of mods, and I am hoping one day Ill be motivated enough to do the vampire side, but for now, I have other games that are of more interest to me.

I am a bit skeptical about the next ES games, whenever that comes out. It should have been a day 1 purchase for me, but with all the shenanigans that bethesda has pulled, its definitely in a wait and see camp.

So I joined the conpanions, got one kill quest from them, now its time to meet them under the underforge and choose. I chose to pass on their offer.

Is that it for the Companions? I can’t seem to get any more quests from them. I ask because the first time I chose yes, transformed, and went on with the quest line. The dialog though says this is only to enter the inner circle. Do they stop giving out quests now as well?

Yes, you have to become a werewolf to continue with them.

And there is an out after that.

Yeah, Dawnguard spoilers:

So I guess I didn’t know what exactly I was investigating there, as the vampire princess was a big surprise. She seems nice enough. So I finally escort her back to the castle, we go in, and I’m like, “well, maybe they are nice vampires, or noble vampires, or something, maybe they are misunderstood.”

Nope! Dead bodies everywhere, dead people being eaten at the table, gross shit everywhere. The Vampire King is like “Oh, come join us!” I’m like “Pass, gross monster”. Then he tries to convince me by turning into an even MORE evil looking monster. “See! See! Look how cool you can be!”

Nope, death to Vampires, motherfucker.

So yeah. I like the Companion hall and characters a lot. But I don’t want no curses.

Vampire Princess is a wonderful companion, though.

I knooooooow. She doesn’t appear to count in the follower limit so we were rolling hard at 4 deep at one point, plus Elemental so 5. That’s an almost full 80s RPG party!

I dragged her along for a week of gametime or so before I felt bad and escorted her home finally. To… you know. Dammit! Should have just kept her forever.

The best, I accidentally killed my first companion with a fireball spell. Doesn’t happen with Serana though.

So are y’all playing original or Special Edition? I ask because apparently on Steam folks are still playing the original!

Not every mod has been updated to work with the Special Edition, and there’s not much that requires it as far as I know. Also, if you didn’t/don’t own all the DLC (I forget if it was a one time grant or ongoing) it’s a separate purchase and not that much of an improvement really. So that doesn’t surprise me.

Vanilla it is for me then!

Hah, I have a mod manager backup from 2016, can’t wait to see if it still works!

I mean, I’m doing the SE because it lets me have a completely different mod setup than my original install without faffing around with a new mod manager (I know, I know, Mod Organizer supposedly makes all that easy but I’d have to transition to it and fuck that) and does look prettier. But there’s no incentive to actually buy it if you didn’t get it added for free.

Fair, but my favorite mod never made it to SE, so…

Lighting mods are great for screenshots… and little else. Can’t see a damn thing. And of course, your enemies are unaffected. I had to uninstall Enhanced Lights and FX.

I’m using ENB light, ELE, Relighting Skyrim, Lanterns of Skyrim 2, Torches Cast Shadows and Fire Halo Remover along with some Rudy mods that add additional lighting sources (e.g. soul gems, chorus eggs) in dungeons. There’s definitely a balance between aesthetics and game play, but vanilla lighting (or even just EFX) everything is just too bright for my tastes - I wanted darker nights and dungeons. And, well, I’ve achieved that :) (Building interiors look great now. I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time on visuals, but it’s been worth it, the game looks fantastic.) Liberal use of mage light, Dawnbreaker (modded) an aura light spell and a Night Eye spell make it so I can see. But yeah, sometimes I question my choices :D

I clicked on your link:

You last downloaded a file from this mod on 10 Jan 2015

Heh. I think this was one of the first mods I installed after moving to PC from the console. By the way, some LE mods work fine in SSE, and from the comments this one does too. E.g. I use aMidianBorn Book of Silence that still has IMO the best armor textures and meshes available even after all this time.

Oh for anyone wanting to use Wabbajack and desire a completely different Skyrim experience there’s a new one out:

Played some more last night.

Like everyone (or any RPG with weight for items) I loot up then head back to town when I’m full. I then sell everything. That gives me my “fresh from the vendor” weight.

It used to be about 170, but lately it’s hovering around 200. Not sure what’s making my so heavy, maybe a two handed weapon I kept. I roll with light armor mostly.

What are your “fresh from the vendor” weights? I need to slim down.

Just around 550, I’m afraid.

Whhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa? You must be modded out the ying yang. How can you carry so much? My max is like 330.