skyrim in 2020 - who's still playing?

Vanilla it is for me then!

Hah, I have a mod manager backup from 2016, can’t wait to see if it still works!

I mean, I’m doing the SE because it lets me have a completely different mod setup than my original install without faffing around with a new mod manager (I know, I know, Mod Organizer supposedly makes all that easy but I’d have to transition to it and fuck that) and does look prettier. But there’s no incentive to actually buy it if you didn’t get it added for free.

Fair, but my favorite mod never made it to SE, so…

Lighting mods are great for screenshots… and little else. Can’t see a damn thing. And of course, your enemies are unaffected. I had to uninstall Enhanced Lights and FX.

I’m using ENB light, ELE, Relighting Skyrim, Lanterns of Skyrim 2, Torches Cast Shadows and Fire Halo Remover along with some Rudy mods that add additional lighting sources (e.g. soul gems, chorus eggs) in dungeons. There’s definitely a balance between aesthetics and game play, but vanilla lighting (or even just EFX) everything is just too bright for my tastes - I wanted darker nights and dungeons. And, well, I’ve achieved that :) (Building interiors look great now. I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time on visuals, but it’s been worth it, the game looks fantastic.) Liberal use of mage light, Dawnbreaker (modded) an aura light spell and a Night Eye spell make it so I can see. But yeah, sometimes I question my choices :D

I clicked on your link:

You last downloaded a file from this mod on 10 Jan 2015

Heh. I think this was one of the first mods I installed after moving to PC from the console. By the way, some LE mods work fine in SSE, and from the comments this one does too. E.g. I use aMidianBorn Book of Silence that still has IMO the best armor textures and meshes available even after all this time.

Oh for anyone wanting to use Wabbajack and desire a completely different Skyrim experience there’s a new one out:

Played some more last night.

Like everyone (or any RPG with weight for items) I loot up then head back to town when I’m full. I then sell everything. That gives me my “fresh from the vendor” weight.

It used to be about 170, but lately it’s hovering around 200. Not sure what’s making my so heavy, maybe a two handed weapon I kept. I roll with light armor mostly.

What are your “fresh from the vendor” weights? I need to slim down.

Just around 550, I’m afraid.

Whhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa? You must be modded out the ying yang. How can you carry so much? My max is like 330.

Yeah - one “cheat” I allow myself every time I play, is to add around 3-500 extra carryweight. Otherwise craftingmateriales, which is why I have so heavy aload, is simply too unwieldy to use. I carry all my crafting stuff on me.

I just use a console command to do so.

Ahhh. You know, there are some things that break Skyrim, or at least break the way i like to play it.

For instance, I unlocked the speech skill that allows you to sell anything to anyone. This kinda broke a big part of the game I didn’t know I would miss, shuffling around to the different flavor vendors, hearing their back stories, especially in Whiterun, which has “post battle of Whiterun” commentary. Or coming across a town and going "damn, they don’t even have a blacksmith here! (fuck you Morthal). And the tiny thrill of finding a new vendor or buyer for something, and checking out their wares.

I think carry weight is maybe one of those things for me. When i unlocked that skill the game lost a lot of flavor for me, and also I had to scroll through a lot more because every vendor will buy anything. I had to revert to a previous save to “fix” it.

IME the usual culprit for rising carry weight are potions. For unknown reasons I pick up every single potion I find and then forget to sell them. Everything else that adds appreciable weight (smithing stuff and alchemy ingredients usually) I store on my horse until I can unload them at my house.

I find carry weight in a game with prevalent magic to be pretty silly. Sure, you can shoot fireballs, but the weight of a carrot must be modeled accurately or it breaks realism!!!

My main complaint with SSE was the lack of a Requiem port, but it looks like TSO provides that. Thank you sir!

You need to pair it with an AI mod that takes into account darkness. I don’t remember what I had used years ago though.

What a god damn rabbit hole. I spent a few weeks years ago building out a heavily modded Skyrim instance, and had a lot of fun doing so, but it was far more time spent doing that than playing.

Which is why Wabbajack is so enticing, it’s an automated installer that tries to do as much as possible for you - kind of like doing everything in an install guide like STEP in one uh step. Unfortunately it has to work around all the bullshit that is the Skyrim mod scene and all the pretty princess modders. Every time I try and read a defense of the current situation I just think ‘but uh minecraft handles this so much better’ and is living proof its a much better way of doing it.

On top of that Wabbajack requires a premium nexus mods subscription, which is why I haven’t used it. No free curse equivelent like in the minecraft world.

So I am tempted to dive back into Skyrim but… eh. Not sure I want to spring for premium nexus, which if I am going to bother giving them a credit card number I would probably just go for the lifetime, which is not cheap.

This may be the one mod that could get me to play again. I’ve started Skyrim 2x and quit. The third time I stuck with it and played the campaign to the end. I’ve recovered that claw in Barrow-something enough times.

To me, it was the world and just wanting to witness the geography of it that made me stick with it the last time. I’m not to crazy about the gameplay as I don’t really like their combat implementation and the writing generally isn’t that good. But wow, did they do a good job at visually creating a world.

I hope for 6, they improve the combat. I’m pretty sure there isn’t too much hope for an improvement to the writing or plot.

In my opinion they have not meaningfully improved the combat in five installments, not to mention a couple spinoffs, or even very much in their Fallout games (though they are a little better at guns than fantasy stuff), so I wouldn’t hold your breath.

What mods are these? I’m not using a lighting mod and I still find dungeons too dark. Night Eye doesn’t help much and I’m sooo sick and tired of casting Magelight everywhere.

Although casting Magelight on your companion is fun. Also invisibility. They all respond differently.

The only one I have run is Wearable Lanterns, which lets you equip lanterns to places that don’t interfere with, say, combat. (It can also optionally make them require fuel. I opted not to.)