skyrim in 2020 - who's still playing?

I just started my first-ever play this morning! I got me a axe, a big axe, a sword, another sword, and another sword.

Apart from anything else, Skyrim must have the most memorable theme music of anything ever.

I’ve installed this thing so many times thinking to try something different but I always end up a bow user and stop soon after with been there / done that fatigue. Bow just feels so much better than melee or magic.

What I would give for Skyrim with Dark Souls melee.

We’ve had this discussion before, but I would not like that. I’m a Dark Souls fan, and a fan of first person open-world RPGs like Skyrim, but I don’t think the latter would work well with a combat system best suited to 3rd person games like Dark Souls. And I would hate to lose first person in open world RPGs like Skyrim because that brings me much closer to the world and helps me to be immersed in it.

The melee combat has gotten much better with each iteration. Morrowind->Oblivion->Skyrim, especially on a controller. I’m sure it will improve again in Elder Scrolls VI.

That’s a good point. Keep it first person, but maybe switch to 3rd person once combat is initiated? Has there been melee combat in any first person game approaching Dark Souls fighting quality? I’d like to play it if so.

I don’t know about Dark Souls quality but Dark Messiah of Might and Magic and Dishonored both have fairly decent first person melee.

They really need to raise their game on stuff like animation if VI is coming out years from now.

I tried Messiah back in the day and it didn’t stick. Recently I tried Vermintide and Shadow Warrior 2 and neither of those felt right. It’s funny, because 1st person is by far my favorite perspective in games.

Yeah, I think that’s the downside of games that spend ~5 years in development…the tech that’s cutting-edge when they start development isn’t as mind-blowing when it comes out.

I was thinking about jumping back into Skyrim SE, too, but currently I’m getting my Bethesda (-like) fix from F:NV.

I’ve never done a proper mage playthrough in an ES game, and that seems like a good build to finish the DLCs. Problem is, I’ve played the game and early DLC quests so much that the first 50% of that playthrough would just be retreading familiar ground.

I think I’m over a super-modded Skyrim, though. I use Arthmoor’s locations and open city, plus Enai’s gameplay changes, maybe Kryptotor’s mods if I go for crafting. No more STEP, reproccers, or bashed patches. I’m even eyeing an alternative to Enai’s mods that’d let me ditch the script extender.

How was it in Fallout 76?

Shirley, you meant Morrowind.

Hmm, having just listened, maybe I do :)

For the longest time, whenever I walked out in the rain on a cloudy day, that piece would play in my head.

I’ve played at least hundreds of hours in Skyrim but never done more than stepped into Blackreach. Once a year I load it again, install a ton of mods, play for 100 hours exploring all the new areas from the mods, and then shelve the game again.

I’ll probably break this cycle this year as I don’t have the computer to play it most of the year. But that is what I said last year and I still managed to get in at least 50 hours of game time (not counting modding time) over June and July.

No. That’s not what Skyrim is about. Skyrim is about opportunity and choice. How you approach an enemy, or a room fool of enemies, is your choice. Melee, stealth, magic, traps, ambushes… Dark Souls style combat would remove many choices and force you to fight the enemy toe-to-toe.

Most people tend to settle in on the stealth archer archetype, because it’s a lot of fun and effective. But remember, you can play this game however you like and they’re all effective. You’ll clear dungeons a lot faster wearing heavy armor and big 2-hander running from room to room and chopping your enemies in two.

These reasons, these choices, are what make Skyrim the greatest RPG ever. It’s not the world, no matter how great it is. It’s not the quests, no matter how great the DB questline is. It’s certainly not the dialogue or vapid companions. It’s that more than any other game, you can play Skyrim how you want to play it. And it will let you.

I still play on my Switch when I need a chill game to kill a few hours. I also play in VR on my Rift S with a bunch of mods. Talk about immersive.

As long as the way you want to play it doesn’t involve talking your way out of situations.

Sure, you can kill in many different ways. Would be nice to be able to talk bandits out of attacking you. Or if the lower level ones would see you kicking ass and then just back off and not attack. There is that half ass implementation where you can get enemies to beg for mercy but as soon as you turn around they’re attacking you again. Why can’t there be people hanging out in the caves that don’t attack you first? Why not let the player run into other adventurers who just give you tips, or have stuff to sell you?

Would also be nice if YOU could play the bandit and rob NPCs walking roads (no, not kill them and rob them, just scare them into handing over the cash).

I’ve had a ton of fun with Skyrim as is, but Bethesda needs to up their (next) game.

I’m not currently playing but I play to buy the Switch once it gets a good price drop.

I still play skyrim enhanced a bit – lovely game even still. I may look to see if I can get the Requiem mod working in enhanced and try another run.

Yeah those dwarven ruins can be a pain. There are SO many Skyrim modes you can play that game any way you want. For example, mod up with alternate starts and play a thief in Rifton. Then just run around stealing and thieving.

Grab a bow and a tank ish npc and you can just shoot people. Take there stuff. Just like all my clients do it seems lately…