skyrim in 2021 - who is still playing?

From assumptions, the mod on stealth is probably to the point that unless you are nearly maxed out, being seen is a matter of time and distance. Most of the realistic stealth mods do similar balancing, so thus my guess. My stealth isn’t that high right now so I definitely see the same issues with it failing once I hit a certain distance from a subject looking my way.

I’m kind of at the point of needing a follower. That has never been my Skyrim “style” so I’m in the same boat. I consider this a learning experience for the mod pack. I’m sure all the balancing with multiple enemies and strength of enemies is based around that, so attempting a lone wolf approach doesn’t make too much sense.

I suppose I could pick up an army of followers, but that would kind of defeat the purpose. Ill have to look to see if there is a stealth mod in the game and check its settings out. I also wonder how the random NPCs you can hire level. I mean their level cap. I hired a “veteran” like 10 levels ago. Because he is some rando, is his cap like really low or are these guys leveling with me? There are also a lot of ‘free’ npcs too you can hire all over the place.

Its hard to say what the right choice is with regards to companion NPCs are. I really do want to be solo at some point. I too never liked having companions.

I also did manage to get the werewolf blood. It has some additional drawbacks that are not in the vanilla. One thing I "think’ happened is when I got low on health I wolfed out automatically. If that is not some option I can turn off, then Ill have to ‘cure’ myself. Werewolfs, like vampires, are worthless. And Wolfing out while your being attacked is a death sentence because the animation is so long, the npcs will be whaling on you the entire time.

The right choice with regards to companions are Lucien or Inigo - Found in Falkreath and Riften respectively. Inigio has over 8000 spoken lines, with regards to quests and the world. Lucien has about half of that.
They both have quests connected with them as well.

xBox One X 4k question with this on gamepass now:

What are the essential 4k mods (xBox One X only?

Is SkyUI for controller there and good/valuable?

I just found “Positive Undressed Reactions” mod and I think it should added to any Skyrim playthrough. Lydia is the star of the video imo.

So I was goofing around thinking of playing Yet Another Skyrim Mod Run But This Time With Even More Cool Stuff and I am being tempted by this “Legacy of the Dragonborn” mod/add-on - supposedly a “DLC sized” and (allegedly DLC quality) addition to the game with lots of quests, items and content, it looks interesting but generally speaking I’m a bit leery of the additional user content for Skyrim (other than mods), although I know many of the user-add-ons are well regarded.

Any impressions of Legacy of the Dragonborn? Sounds cool - lots of items to find, new dungeons to delve, etc. In fact, the description on the Nexus gives it a distinct vibe of “Last King of the Ayleids” from Oblivion, which as I recall is one of @Gordon_Cameron’s favorite quests from years back. That Oblivion quest was in fact a good one, so I’m tempted by Legacy of the Dragonborn…

What do you folks think?

Wow, I don’t think I even remember that quest! I did have a lot of fun skulking through Ayleid ruins, though, which might be part of why I think of Oblivion more fondly than many.

It’s really good. The quests are on average better than anything else I’ve done in user-made content (which, frankly, I mostly found kinda janky and underwhelming), but that’s really a side show next to the part where you get an enormous and richly featured museum that is also a player home where you can store all your shit, show off all the cool stuff you find, and there’s a ton of new unique loot distributed around the world to find, making dungeon crawling actually rewarding in a way it isn’t in base Skyrim. Plus enormous convenience features around crafting and so on. It’s real good stuff. And, moreover, it’s compatible with and has museum slots for a whole bunch of other mod content, too.

(Not that all of the user quests involved are good, since it fully integrates Moonpath to Elsweyr, which is pretty threadbare and half-assed apart from having some pretty visuals. But the stuff the Legacy people made is pretty good.)

Legacy of the Dragonborn is included in the super awesome Serenity Wabbajack mod pack. Note it is a Requiem based pack, and it also includes a bunch of quest additions including Legacy. Details:

Using these Wabbajack mod packs has saved me literally dozens of hours of not having to install and tweak these mods by hand.

It is an amazing mod and I’ve only gotten a short ways into it each time I’ve played with it. It’s a bit of an all-in-one but paired with other mods it only gets better.

In short:
A means to put all the items in the game to use. Quite nearly all of them.
A collectors DREAM.
A pack rats DREAM.
Contains its own earned player housing that quite honestly is more functional than any modded housing I’ve used.
Has the best player housing crafting room of any in-game home or modded home, period.
Contains ways to drive you to quests for “reasons.” Including quests of its own.
Gives a good story and expands within the already nice locations in game.
Etc, etc.

Watch a few youtube vids on it to get the hang of it. And though perhaps I like the cheatier inventory side of it, enable the following:
Legacy of the Dragonborn chests outside in-game player housing
Legacy of the Dragonborn chests within in-game cities/towns

And if you REALLY tire of carrying too much all the time:
Enable the spell that gives access to the sort chest.

It’s a mod that pushes you to go do everything so you can collect everything but it rewards you along the way for being an inclusive player. AND, it gives handouts to you if you at least try but don’t get to half of it.

Do you Wabbajack people sub to Nexus every time you reinstall or change modpacks? Fuck me but it’s annoying to click through the manual stuff.

I paid for a membership a long time ago, maybe the third time I did massive modding for something. So I’m not sure it was for life or what but I just continue to use that account. If it explains it further, my account name there is something like Skipper2006 or something.

Unfortunately, Serenity is listed as “under maintenance” and Wabbajack won’t let you download it. Too bad…it looks cool.

I will say this, I did a Wabbajack install for Fallout 4 and for the first time, joined the Discord for one of the Wabbajack packs. VERY responsive on those things. I got help for about 3 issues nearly instantly.

I sub every time yes. Its 3 dollars.

Legacy is AMAZING! Its easily the best mod addition to Skyrim in many years.

Do you need a paid sub? I thought just an unpaid “slow download” subscription was sufficient? Although I’m just doing mods through Vortex not Wabbajack

You dont need a paid sub at all. We are talking about the Wabbajack downloads (A downloader for very large modcollections) where, unless you sub over at the Nexus, you have to click through each of the often over 600 mods that a modlist contains.

If you just download the one mod, or a few ones, you will be fine with the slow download speed :-)

Sorry that Serenity is under maintenance. It looks like it will be fixed in a few days. In the meantime, there is a workaround for downloading the single broken mod. This is a copy from the Wabbajack Discord:

  1. Create a download folder, this will be the folder used for wabbajack to download all the mods to, make sure this is on a drive that has something like 80gb of space just for downloads. Note you can combine download folders for multiple lists. I have a giant downloads folder on my slower hard disk like D:/Modlist Downloads that’s about 800gb in size.

  2. Navigate to and manually download better female eyebrows 1.2

  3. Place this into the download folder created above and rename it to Better Females Eyebrows-9474-1-2.7z

  4. Bypass the maintenance screen in wabbajack by heading over to the wabbajack folder then into the latest version folder EG: and open up powershell by doing a Shift+Right Click > Open Powershell Window Here.

Then paste in this command to download the list
./wabbajack-cli.exe download-url -u -o "Serenity.wabbajack"
and double click on it when it’s done downloading to begin the installation.

  1. Follow the instructions in the readme but make a change to the download folder to point it to the folder you created in step 1.

Sit back and relax while the download and installation completes.

I would recommend trying the Living Skyrim 2 mod pack. It includes LoD. I had a lot of fun with that mod pack, but now I am waiting for Living Skyrim 3 to be released, whenever that is.

This discussion inspired me to re-install Skyrim in anticipation of starting a new game with one of the mentioned modpacks tonight. Unfortunately, it appears Living Skyrim 2.0 is no longer available on Wabbajack and both Skyrimified and Serenity are under maintenance. My gratification will have to be delayed!