Skyrim mod creator's destiny fulfilled

Title Skyrim mod creator's destiny fulfilled
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When November 26, 2013

Alexander J. Velicky is a Skyrim modding legend. He's the industrious young man that spent over 2000 hours to create the Falskaar mod which contained a new land, assets, voice acting, and a new soundtrack..

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He's already accustomed to the work hours and the lack of sleep, it's a no brainer contract.
Seriously, though good luck and watch out for yourself.

I'm very happy for Veliky but I really think Bethesda made a huge PR miss. For < $150,000/year they could have the King of Skyrim modders working there. Imagine the PR they wins they could have had at the hiring, then announcing him as "ambassador to modders", then as a new game dev, then as a new game designer. It would have been years of good press.

Anyway. When does Skyrim 2 come out?

Just after The Elder Scrolls Online waters down the franchise.