Skyrim Special Edition


I still use Nexus Mod Manager with SE, that’s the easiest for me. I am running mostly the same as the list I linked far up thread. Let’s see if I can update it next week.


Anyone who only uses quality of life/graphics/UI mods like I earlier discussed (i.e. no mods that affect gameplay, content, etc.), I’d love to get a current list of what’s good.


I do the same. And to be honest, I would recommend that over any Steam or Bethesda nonsense. They don’t have the same full list of mods, and they sometimes don’t get updated accordingly.

As a recommendation, make a nexus account. It’s free. Hell, support them if you find it helpful, you get the benefit of faster downloads that way. Then get nexus mod manager, and LOOT:

Add the mods you like from the Nexus site for Skyrim SE:

Once you do that, it’ll ask if you want to download them with the mod manager, say yes.
After downloading, double-click the mods to enable them. When enabling, some will have pop-up screens asking about specific things you might want to enable/disable on the mod.
Once you enable them all, if you’ve loaded LOOT, then you can run that automatically from within the Nexus mod manager, making it a breeze.
Choose the button with loot to organize your mods. It’ll save the correct load order for whatever you have.

There are a number of mods I would recommend. I’ll post my list later, though I tend to add gameplay mods, not so much graphics mods. The former help me enjoy the game in new ways, but the latter can really tax your system if you aren’t careful with them. I tried that with Fallout 4 and quickly tired of the added times for loading anything, as well as the frame rate decrease in some areas to a point it bugged me.


Personally I find most nexus mods to be rather finicky and difficult to get to run properly.
While Bethesdas own site may have fewer, its FAR easier for newcomers to add, and maintain their mods through that system.


Bethesda’s big plus is that the mod site is multi-platform. It also has a plus in that you can do it in the game menu (but only while at the menu.) Steam is out for SSE, so that leaves Nexus. You can mix and match the two, but note that mods off Bethesda aren’t optimized on order, necessarily. You could always download LOOT and run it individually.

Nexus, on the other hand, caters to the folks who like to have a ton of shit modded out in game. I’ll pull my list tonight but I think I’m around 40 mods? It also caters to people who do not want their original content posted within the game makers own mod menus. A lot of .esm files on Nexus use community created content shared between them. This isn’t allowed on Bethesda.

EDIT: I also forgot a plus, for me. Nexus has mods for multiple games. And I have mods for many of them. So it makes that one launcher even more convenient in that I just pick the game I’m playing and can modify the mods for that game, or one of the others, with the same tool.


I think I’d consider the Nexus a place for tinkers, and people with lots of patience and a small amount of interest in modding - Since I mainly play skyrim and Fallout 4 on Ps4 these days, I don’t use it much, but I used to , and yes, its a great site - I just find I value convenience over content these days.


Whatever you do, get SkyUI 2.2 (or whatever the older version is that sort of works in SSE). Even without the fancy stuff, simple things like menu layouts are at least not specifically designed to punish keyboard/mouse users.


I took a stab at my list. It’s modified from others here, as well as things I wanted. I added a column of the category that Nexus filed it under, hopefully that will help. If you need detailed explanations of the effect of any of these, let me know.

A Quality World Map - 8.4 A										User Interface
Achievements Mods Enabler										Utilities
Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim - v927	Magic						Spells & Enchantments
Ars Metallica - Smithing Enhancement - Ars Metallica			Smithing Enhancement
Better Dialogue Controls - v1_2									User Interface
Better Horses - Better Horses 3.1								Mounts
Better MessageBox Controls - v1_2								User Interface
Beyond Reach - BeyondReach3_91									New Lands
Breezehome - Eli's Breezehome Overhaul BETA 1.6					Player homes
Campfire - Complete Camping System - Campfire 1.11SE Release	NPC
CC's Profitable Hunting - CC's Profitable Hunting - 1.0			Gameplay Effects and Changes
Climates Of Tamriel-SE											Overhauls
Clockwork (SSE) - SSE_v1-0										Quests and Adventures
Cutting Room Floor - Cutting Room Floor							Gameplay Effects and Changes
Detailed Mine Markers	Locations - Vanilla						Crafting
Diverse Dragons Collection SE									Creatures
Enhanced Blood Textures											Visuals and Graphics
Even Better Quest Objectives - 1.5.8a							Immersion
Falskaar - Falskaar V2_1										New Lands
Fantasy Soundtrack Project SE									Audio - Music
Footprints - Footprints 1.5.3									Visuals and Graphics
Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival - 3.4.1 SE				NPC
Immersive Armors - 8.1 SSE										Armour
Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul								Immersion
Immersive Patrols SE											Immersion
iNeed - Food, Water and Sleep									Immersion
Lanterns of Skyrim SE											Environmental
Legendary Player Home Map Markers SSE							Player homes
Lore-Based Loading Screens - 1.2								User Interface
Map Markers Complete with DLC and OCS							User Interface
Moonpath to Elsweyr SSE											Quests and Adventures
Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim - 50 percent More Perk Points		Overhauls
Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim - Ordinator v914					Overhauls
Real Mountains													Models and Textures
Realistic Water Two												Environmental
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO SE 						Immersion
Rich Skyrim Merchants	 										Mercantiles (shops, stores, inns, taverns, etc)
Run For Your Lives												Gameplay Effects and Changes
Skyrim Flora Overhaul SE - 	v2.72a								Models and Textures
Sofia - The Funny Fully Voiced Follower - v.2.4					Followers & Companions
Static Mesh Improvement Mod										Models and Textures
Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers - v1-3-1						Gameplay Effects and Changes
The Forgotten City												Quests and Adventures
The Notice Board SE												Quests and Adventures
The Thieves Guild Ladder - SSE									Guilds/Factions
Total Character Makeover - 1.2									Body, Face, and Hair
True Storms Special Edition - v1.01								Environmental
Unique Loot - 	v32												Gameplay Effects and Changes
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch							Bug Fixes
Unread Books Glow SSE - SSE 2.2.1								User Interface
Useful Scrapping - Immersive Clutter Recycling - 1.2b			Crafting
Valerica-38326-1-7												Unassigned
Wet and Cold													Immersion
When Vampires Attack											Gameplay Effects and Changes


Good lord. I’m always blown away by how much some people mod Skyrim. It’s almost a hobby unto itself.


I know man. But it’s so damned easy to just get, “one more thing.” Then you hear about something else a week later and add that too. You also need your list of things you require based on your last playthrough, plus things catered to how you’re playing this time.

The shit adds up quickly.

Also being my umpteenth playthrough, some shit just grinds my gears. I mod those out or mod in fixes. Dawnguard vampires killing all the non-essential NPC’s in towns you visit? Mod that shit out. Crappy loot in those stupid urns? Mod in a fix.


Heads up on the free preview weekend. I think it’s live on box Xbox One and Steam.

I’m curious to see how different it looks from vanilla Skyrim. Or, to be more accurate, the vanilla Skyrim in my memory.


Skyrim still looks fucking great on PC. Best RPG ever.


Yeah, I’ve been thinking about firing it up again this weekend. That will probably begin my 300th hours or so? The Xbox One version is probably the best one these days - All the mods, easy to put on the big screen!


Steam Link works great as well, FWIW.


Sure - but I don’t have that :-)


Ahh, gotcha. Sorry man. :(


I love gawking at the interior architectures. There are some quests that take you to mini fortresses under ground and the dwemer ruins are almost always awesome especially if they have a lot of water.


Which is a damn shame since it has been so long and other than the W3, what other really good open world RPGs have come out since then?


I can’t think of any recent RPG’s that even remotely compare to Skyrim or W3. Kingdom Come might be our best hope.


As do I. There is a player made location within the mod known as Falskaar that blew my mind. That mod itself is somewhat mediocre, but huge. But the location starts with you visiting a monk who sends you off to find a book. Eventually that lands you heading in to a place called Watervine Chasm, in what appears to be a small and standard bandit cave exploration. But then you kill the very first bandit and find information on him that he’s the first one sent back to guard the entrance, because it appears the bandits have found the motherload deeper down the path.

Naturally you explore further, and as you do it slowly becomes more of a Nordic ruin location, with huge caves containing large buildings and ruins as well. Quite some distance in, you stumble into a huge chamber with an underground river. At the end of this you find a door, leading to yet another dungeon, the Halls of the Dead.

At this point you’re linking into a full on Draugr ruin, and like the previous location, it’s full of large areas with large encounters and a mini-boss battle that throws quite a bit of a fight your way. But after killing the mini-boss, you realize there are stairways leading down, so onward you go.

The stairs eventually lead down a path that leads to a door to yet another location, the Ruins of Vizemundsted, a full-on Dwarven ruin location. Again you fight your way through multiple enemies and eventually a final boss whereupon you finally find that book you’ve been searching for, and, quite thankfully, a lift that takes you straight out of the dungeon. You emerge some halfway across the map of that already huge island the mod is based in.

It took me literally a day the first time I played through that, as it was an Inception-like dungeon within a dungeon within a dungeon. I probably swapped out my inventory 20 odd times trying to balance what the best loot was I could hobble around with prior to finally getting out of there.

It was incredible. I only wish the rest of that mod had been a little better overall, but it highlighted just how fun and white knuckle the dungeon setting within Skyrim could be.